We Respond Before We Know How to Speak the Language

I admit it, alright? If I go more than a few days without posting a gorgeous cutting by Iestyn of Diamond Jacks Tattoo and Piercing in London (MORE), I can’t sleep. I get the cold sweats. It’s a bad scene. So believe me when I say, this is as much for me as it is for you.

And with that, we bid another day adieu. Sleep well, ModBlog.

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23 thoughts on “We Respond Before We Know How to Speak the Language

  1. Love the skin removal, however I’m just weird this way, but the asymmetric nipple rings make me uneasy. Call it OCD if you will. Otherwise very nice.

  2. I’m also annoyed about this time references. As somebody said before, not everybody is in your time zone (I”m speaking also to Roo).

    I understand you must fill your post with something, but 2 out of 4 posts are either with Mornin’ or Good night.
    Boring and annoying.

  3. Ah ah..
    thanks Alice.. Nice to hear you are safe home.

    Looking forward for the Spinning Beam.

    And thanks for giving infos about my Tats.
    The main artist and friend who did’em is Xed http://www.xedtatttoo.com
    I will maybe post a pic of back tattoo..it is a mix of circular pattern (left side) and swastika patterns, a circular version of the sanyagata pattern.

    I also have two swastikas on both my hips and planning on having a ohm on my chest..outlines or dots…but you will probably see it..


  4. can we get a pic of the tattoo on his left side? i am absolutely intrigued by it and want to see the entire design.

  5. Wow…. a lot of attention!
    Thanks a lot. m(^_^)m
    Promise i will post some pics of them but you can see them at xed’s website as well.

    The Nipples are 8mm. I actually had a nipple suspension. Of course I wasnt carrying the whole weight of my body but very close…

    Will post some pics as well…

    Hugs from the rainy London.

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