Arms Laid Upon Me

Bodyboard enthusiasts will be delighted to note than Tiff is observing proper safety technique and keeping her leash fastened at an appropriate length. They may be dismayed, however, to see that she is nowhere near the water, which even a novice will tell you could result in rugburn, splinters, and hurt feelings.

(Suspension facilitated by Constant Elevation in Brighton, UK.)

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16 thoughts on “Arms Laid Upon Me

  1. When I looked at the first photo I didn’t even notice the hooks in her back! Didn’t realize it was a suspension until I scrolled down. Haha. >.<

  2. Reminds me of when i proposed to my wife suspended, i was in that same position, but without the board.
    Looks real good. i love seeing people having fun with this type of activity. plus its just another reason to suspend…….

  3. Lexi, I’m with you. I’ve just flicked back on to modblog having had a gander earlier today…I had a good ol’ look at the photos as well!!…Awesome

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