The Hipbones That Launched a Thousand Ships

And here we have Neek, hands tied behind his head and about to be cast off Mt. Olympus by the gods, for the grave transgression of, um, washboard abs, mostly. Hera wanted to keep him around because she so fancied the fine stippling work being done by Alice Newstead in his armpits, but was sadly outvoted. After the jump, startling video of his earthly punishment, which involves hanging by hooks in his forearms, for eternity. Terrible.

27 thoughts on “The Hipbones That Launched a Thousand Ships

  1. Is the guy holding the ropes from the black country by any chance? (I love that accent : ) )

    Nice vid! And the armpit tattoos are awesome

  2. I straight up LOVE the placement of this guys tattoos and how they flow with the human body.
    I = jealous

  3. Nah Cory I never check that group haha, I’m pretty sure a picture from that video has been posted before.

  4. Just so everyone knows Neek is actually far more buff than this in person, it’s just his full amount of buffness would actually blow your monitors and melt your hard-drives were it here in full effect and thus it must be toned down for internet use

    In real life every time I see neek my eyeballs melt a little

  5. Great forearm suspension. I wonder if his hands got cold from losing the blood from them in that position.

  6. aside from all the other great things about this picture, his septum jewellery is excellent. Anyone know where its from?

  7. jon: i love you, you are plain awesome

    johnny mnemonic: the septum piece is an acrylic 10mm ring that i cut up with a scalpel and then filed down to make it nice a smooth

  8. Haha, typical. The first time I check Modblog in about six months and you’re bloody on here again Nik! And if anyone is wondering everything Jon said about this man’s beauty is true, I have to wear three pairs of sunglasses to shield my eyes from his radiance everytime I’m in his vicinity…

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