The Roaring Boy’s Bravado

Good morning afternoon (lousy Internet), ModBloggers! Here we have famous_punx, hanging out at a photo shoot for his old band, Radio City Riot. Another shot after the jump.

(Tattoos by Ade in Brighton, UK. Photos by Al Overdrive.)

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15 thoughts on “The Roaring Boy’s Bravado

  1. Approved.
    And first. I like how the first t-shirt blends… And how it has some kind of manga-jesus :D

  2. I think everything in general gets my vote of approval!

    No wait.. the shoes don’t.. the tattoos and photography and the hat and stuff get my approval though.

  3. heretic138 – I took a lot more photographs that day so if you ask him nicely he might be willing to share more.

    Alternativly, I did a feature on the band in Skin Deep a few issues ago where you get to see more of the ink.

    Hope that helps

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