Do My Balls, Mama

Well, we featured this excellent Angus Young tattoo by Amina Charai of Bright Side Tattoo in Copenhagen, Denmark, earlier in the week, and these wild-eyed flamingos are more than worthy of a mention as well. You know what kind of flamingo wears a bow tie? The best kind.

Another Charai piece, after the jump.

11 thoughts on “Do My Balls, Mama

  1. It’s nice to see pastel colors every once in a pale blue moon…

    A lot of the tattoos people are getting these days are super bright (just like their clothes) even when it’s something that doesn’t need to be. Although this could just be a WestCoast thing.

  2. These and the Jesse Smith tattoos may be at the two ends of the banana, but I love the colours in both cases. I find these ones quite warm and gentle, like an old book with yellowing pages. oO

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