Hang By a Slender Thread

It’s nice to have friends through whom to live vicariously, and it really seems like Ron, Wayde and Chris are constantly on the road, not wasting a second, and taking the pictures to prove it. Like Wayde up there, hanging out at some ruins in Chinchinitza, Mexico, and, apparently, holding on for dear life or gettin’ it on with a thousand-year-old pole. Either way. More shots of these globetrotting adventurers on location in Mexico, after the jump.

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17 thoughts on “Hang By a Slender Thread

  1. Wait… pictures of old buildings?
    Modblog has gone to hell, man.
    Seriously… hasn’t anyone tattooed their eyeballs lately or done something really reckless just for scene points?

    It’s always nice when Ronnie and The Thunder from Down Unda check in with pics. At least they didn’t get arrested this time.

  2. Did not the blood from human sacrifice flow down the steps of those old buildings…?

    “The famous Sacred Cenote (a natural well) located at Chichen-Itza was found to contain numerous skeletons of men, women and children who were sacrificial victims… ”

    BME is tame.

  3. Woooo, hunky tattooed guys amid phallic stone pillars in a warm sunny location. Just what I need to view on a chilly English afternoon.

  4. Yeah BME, what’s up with the lack of human sacrifice pictures on ModBlog? Booooooo.

  5. I’ve been there! I believe that the area of the Chichen Itza site with the round (“phallic”) pillars is called the Temple or Warriors or something, and is supposed to be evidence of cultural syncretism by the Mayans as they would not have created round pillars in earlier eras of their civilization.

  6. We did get arrested.. Within 15 mins of landing in cancun and meeting up with Wayde.
    Someone had to piss by the side of the road…
    one polica truck ride and a 300USD$ bribe later….

    you see the pics before you..

  7. Ooh. In that first picture, I’m kinda liking the idea of monochrome design tattoo in a color OTHER than black. Nice swirl design.

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