Kicked by Snark

So, i’ll confess that, upon seeing this tattoo, my initial reaction was something along the lines of, “Well, that’s … literal.” And then I noticed “xkcd” in the image information, and realized … I’m just a jackass. Context, after the jump.

(Tattoo by “The dude that lives in Thailand” at Wild Tattoo, somewhere in Sweden.)

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28 thoughts on “Kicked by Snark

  1. Fuck digg right now. Apparently everything BME is considered adult content and can’t be submitted.

  2. i dont get it either. perhaps b/c im not a cat person…

    sad face…(only b/c i dont get it, not b/c in not a cat person)

  3. when i first saw that xkcd drawing i snorted sprite out my nose with glee, then printed it out and taped it to my door. LOVE THIS

  4. To those of you who don’t get it…
    You can replace “cat” with “puppy” or “cute little baby” and the message is the same… the closer you get to cat/puppy/baby, the more stupid you begin to sound:
    “Oooo… look at his widdle nose! Look at it! Oooo… goochie gooo” etc.

  5. Hi… I’m an op in #xkcd, and I go by snark. When I kick people, it says “kicked by snark”. I’m trying to work out why the url here says that. o_O

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