Keys to the Future

And here we have René van Assema, hailing from Almere, The Netherlands, and checking in bravely from the dark side of the moon, apparently. And without a space suit or oxygen supply or anything! The difficulty of this sort of photo shoot cannot be overstated. This is literally impossible to accomplish, and yet? Here we are. Ever the modest model, though, René says only, “All you see is tattoo, no make-up or fake colors.” This seemed fairly obvious, until…well, you know where to look.

See? The eyebrows are a bit more obvious, but had the specific mention of the fact not been made, I would have just assumed the rest was eye make-up. Well played, my friend. Well played, indeed.

(Tattoos by Ben Saunders at Lucky 6 in Hoorn, The Netherlands. Photos by Walther Vlaanderen.)

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19 thoughts on “Keys to the Future

  1. Hello everybody,

    Nice to see the pics inhere.
    I can asure you that here is NO make-up used.
    It is all tattooed. The eyes are tattooed by Ron Rijks from tattoocentre Alkmaar (


  2. If really no make up is used, then you have fabulous eye lashes! And I’d also would love to see a close up of his hand.

  3. Hi everyone,

    i’m married with René en i know for shure: i’ts real!
    But his eye lashes are fabulouses but fake……

    And where the tattoo’s end? ………i know it!!!

    greetings !!!

  4. As I know there are more pics about my eyes on the BME site. Also in hand tattoo’s.


  5. he looks permanently mad.

    Great work though.

    I can’t find any of the other pics of his hands or eyes though either.

  6. He looks kinda like if Thomas Lennon and Matthew Perry had a love child somehow.. And I love that.

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