BMEGirls on White

Today’s BMEGirl post has something of a theme going on.  Both IAM:Gisella_Rose and Jessiesaur-1 were photographed on a bright white background in similar poses.  Great minds must think alike.

To start, we have Gisella featuring tattoos by Tyler Murphy and Ryan “Busta” Bolton.  Photography by Glenn Tuttle, and latex by ALLOY Latex.

You’ll have to keep reading for Jessiesaur’s photo, she’s wearing significantly less clothing than Gisella is.

BMEGirls are the best way to enjoy a Tuesday

We’re going international with today’s BMEGirl.  She’s an Australian with a corset piercing by Suzanne_Modify and Harmony Capper, and she also has some scarification work done by the hottest French-Canadian I know, Efix Roy.

Photography by Tahlia Gray.

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Race for BMEGirls!

One of our favorite BMEGirls, Nexizydrate, is back with a brand new photoshoot for a good cause.  If you recall, Nexi did a play piercing shoot a few years back to raise money for cancer research.  Well this year she’s going to be participating in the Cancer Research UK’s “Race for Life”, and to mark the occasion she had some photos taken of the outfit she’ll be racing in.

If you’d like to sponsor Nexizydrate on her run, you can do so right here.  Here’s what she has to say about the race:

Hello ALL!!

Last year i physically couldn’t do the Race for Life, however this year i am bouncing back and looking to walk 10K; we will see on the day how my Fibromyalgia lets me – however i will no matter what be doing the 5k.

anyway…. enough babbling….I’ll cut to the chase.


I have set up a just giving page at:

so it’s really easy to donate and completely secure!!

I’m aiming to raise £100, doesn’t sound like a lot but it will go a long way to help scientists and doctors in their endeavours to help those with cancer; we are all effected in one way or another by “the big C” either from knowing first hand what it is like to hear those horrible words, or by knowing someone who has had Cancer. These days however it’s not the death sentence it used to be, and the stigma that was once attached as long since gone.

i want you guys to help me raise the £100 and maybe even more! I will be all dressed up on the day in Pink (me….in pink….) and sparkles and glitter and all sorts of fun things so it’s not like I’m not going head long into this – I’m really going for it!

I’m not asking for a huge sum of money from you all, just a small donation of £2 would make a HUGE difference.

Thank you in advance.

Race day is Sunday May 13th at 11AM

You can see more photos from the Peter Whitney shoot in the BMEGirls gallery.

BMEGirls love summer

Science has proven it time and time again that when it gets hot outside, BMEGirls will shed their clothing and take pictures.  Now for Iowa native TooGhoulForSchool, summer gives her a chance to stretch out on a hammock and soak up the sun.

Hmm.  Looks like the picture didn’t load fully.  Let me try again after the clickthrough.

That’s better.

Photo credit goes to Swanson Studios, while tattoo credit belongs to Jason Evans from Neon Dragon in Hiawatha, IA