Living in Sin

If the Sin City sleeve you see on today’s BMEGirl looks familiar, that’s because we first saw it over a year and a half ago.  That said, make sure to hop on over to the BMEGirls gallery to see even more photos of the lovely Ms Spunck.

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BMEGirls on White

Today’s BMEGirl post has something of a theme going on.  Both IAM:Gisella_Rose and Jessiesaur-1 were photographed on a bright white background in similar poses.  Great minds must think alike.

To start, we have Gisella featuring tattoos by Tyler Murphy and Ryan “Busta” Bolton.  Photography by Glenn Tuttle, and latex by ALLOY Latex.

You’ll have to keep reading for Jessiesaur’s photo, she’s wearing significantly less clothing than Gisella is.

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