Zombie, Alive, Alive-O

Here’s yet another wicked back piece, this time from Ra, Decorate Tattoo, Phuket, Thailand.

“The tattoo was drawn on free hand. It’s not finished yet and there is still a lot more detail to be added to the bugs/spiders et cetera, and pink shading where all the skin is torn.

Seventy eight hours of work in seven days and the longest sitting was fifteen hours! The reason behind the tattoo? I wanted it to look like my back was ripped open and underneath the skin was a decaying zombie. It’s only two weeks old and the photo was take only eight days after the last sitting so there will be more photos to come!”

“Peace out, Jakarta”

Jon Durante, who’s been doing an amazing around the world journey with friends (featured here previously: mexico, phuket, borneo, etc), documented this anti-Bush protest/riot while in Bogor, Java, Indonesia. I know it’s not really “ModBlog” related but I hope people would find it interesting nonetheless.

Anyway, I’ve been feeling under the weather and some mornings have trouble getting through the work, so today I’m going to try preposting a bunch of updates. If I do it right, you’ll probably see one appear an hour or something like that, rather than them all posting at once. Hope it works!

BME Newsfeed for Aug 30, 2006

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Travel Photos

I mentioned John Durante of Laughing Buddha in Seattle a few entries back… Since I also recently posted about the rituals in Phuket, I thought I’d post a picture from his travels in Trang, Thailand (2001) — I wonder why this guy chose handcuffs?

More from his travels; here’s a picture of him and his Punan grandmas in Punan Ba, Sarawak, Borneo back in 1999.