Pain Solution US Tour

Håvve Fjell and Pain Solution are back in the United States soon, touring with The Sqidling Brothers Circus Sideshow, and perhaps most excitingly wrapping up their tour in Dallas for the suscon with a performance with Stelarc (generally considered one of the grandfathers of modern suspension, along with Fakir Musafar). Jump to the website for up-to-date tour info, but here’s what’s been announced:

To get an idea of what Pain Solution‘s shows are like, check out these videos:

And as to the show with Stelarc, I’m not sure what they have planned for Dallas, but here’s what they did in Oslo last year. This is not something you want to miss — it’s one of those “once in a lifetime” events that will change the way you look at suspension. Any performer or practitioner able to make it to Dallas should do everything they can to make it!

Rolf and Stelarc at the Oslo Suspension Symposium

I met and interviewed Stelarc back in 2004 at the Transvision transhumanist convention here in Toronto, but while he was already planning it, he had not yet implanted the ear in his arm. He’s in Oslo right now, as part of the amazing 2012 Oslo Suspension Symposium (these events just keep getting more and more amazing), and Rolf Buchholz — and incredible artist in his own right — just posted a nice picture of the two of them together showing off their amazing transformation. Zoom in and get a nice big look.

In addition to collecting an incredible number of piercings, Rolf also takes an incredible number of just wonderful images from suspension events around the world — he is the best traveled suspension enthusiasts I can think of, perhaps by a wide margin, and it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that he holds a world record in suspension as well as piercing. In any case, here are two photos he took at the happening-right-now 2012 Oslo Suspension Symposium. Stunning artistry, as I had expected. The first photo can be zoomed in.

The only person to bend a 4ga Gilson

A lot of people will tell you what you see in this video is not possible, but following up on the photo at the bottom of this recent entry, in this video you’ll see Neil Chakrabarti — already a heavy guy himself — lift two other heavy guys for a total of something around 800 pounds. Off a single 4ga Gilson hook. He didn’t tear out, but the hook did bend slightly. I doubt there is a single other person on the planet who can make that particular claim. I should mention that this video is from a great big YouTube playlist of 122 videos showing Suspension Mecca 2012. Never forget that the human body is stronger than steel.

Free Fall Suspension: The Challenge (4th Run)

The pioneers of free fall suspension at Sinner Team in Moscow have just put together an amazing new video ( documenting nine new free fall suspension jumps. I’ve said it before, but this to me is the most exciting thing to happen in suspension for a long time, and on the scale of “fun” in suspension, blows away spinning beams, while also being incredibly pure and profound. Not only that, but the way they do it is a pinnacle of safety and professionalism. It makes me very proud to be a part of this community when I see things like this. Watch this full-screen!

There’s also a video folder here — — that contains all four long videos they’ve done, which show lots of different jumps from people of all different ages, weights, genders, and lifestyles doing them without problems. Anyone can do this with the right training and attention to safety.

On that note I want to mention that on the 28th to 30th of September they are planning one more jumping event, and these are all legal jumps from a building near the Moscow centre, which also coincides with a party they’re throwing to celebrate the team’s 4th birthday (how thrilled am I that my birthday coincides with this team and this event!). The third day will be fairly open and will provide information to those planning jumps in the future, making it the final open event of “The Challenge”. After this they are starting to make a full movie which will accurately tell the story of how this all came about. A flight from New York City to Moscow is only about $500 according to a quick check on Expedia, and I’m sure it can be found cheaper with a minimum of searching. What’s stopping you?

If you are interested in learning more, contact

Olso lounging

It’s always fun to see Arseniy from #Leeds Airlines (Russia) suspend.  He’s behind the scenes of so many fantastic suspensions, it’s good to see him get up.  This suspension took place at Oslo Suscon, and was facilitated by an all-star cast of practitioners.  With the help of Havve from Wings of Desire (Norway), Matt “Superboy” Kirk from Skindependant (New Zealand), and Lari from Finland, Arseniy went up in a 3 point, 1 knee, 2 elbow suspension that he then transferred into a single point knee.


There were a lot of great moments from the 2011 Dallas Suscon, one of which was this suspension from the crew.  If I recall correctly, this is Drew from ihung, and he suspended pretty early on in the weekend.  The dome he’s in is ihung’s portable suspension rigging, which can set up pretty much anywhere they want to suspend someone, without having to find a building or a tree.

The Face Lift

If you haven’t had a chance to read this weekend’s recap of the 2011 Dallas SusCon, stop what you’re doing right now and go read it.

One of the most talked about moments of the weekend was Swing Shift Side Show‘s Andrew performing a face-lift; a 7 point facial suspension.  A little back story on this suspension is needed.  About 5 years ago, Supa performed the very first facial suspension, using 10 hooks.  Since then he’s performed the feat 2 more times.  Andrew, a consummate performer got in touch with Supa and inquired how to go about performing this extremely dangerous suspension.  Fast forward a few years, and here we are, with the second person to perform this suspension.

It must be noted, time and time again, this is not something to attempt to do ever.  Andrew trained for years just to be able to develop the strength in his neck to make this possible, and even then, there was no guarantee of success.  Those who have seen him perform live will know just how strong his neck is after witnessing his rope act, where he suspends himself above the crowd help up only by a band of fabric wrapped around the back of his head.

So today you’re going to get to see what only a few people have witnessed so far, Andrew’s 7 point facial suspension.

Again, do not even think of attempting this suspension.  Even surrounded by some of the best practitioners in the world Andrew made it clear that the results were unknown and under no circumstances should anyone try to replicate any part of this suspension.  With that said, if you want to check out the video of the suspension, keep on reading.

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Dallas SusCon – Day 4

It’s 4am, and I’m sitting in a hotel room.  Videos are being uploaded to BME in the background, and I’m gathering my notes from today’s incredible events.  Before I start, I want to share with you something Mekare wrote about what suspensions mean to her.

Suspension is a thing; a living, breathing thing but a thing all the same. As a thing suspension will never lie to me, betray me or break my heart. It will never lose interest in me or deny me what I need.  Suspension returns every bit of the love and effort I give to it.  It reminds me of the strength that resides inside me. It encourages me to learn more about myself, to challenge my boundaries, to test my limits. It teaches me to grow and to trust in myself. It allows me to be myself, in my purest, most unapologetic form.  Suspension feeds my soul.

The reason I’m sharing this with you is that without Mekare, SusCon couldn’t have happened this year.  She was the grease that kept the gears turning, and with the number of suspensions that occurred today she deserves recognition for all the hard work she did.  So thank you, from myself, and all the other attendees.

So, enough with the thank yous, lets get on with today’s recap.  Upon arriving at the site today I noticed that the energy was even more charged than it had been the days prior.  With time running out, today was the day that anyone who was going to suspend needed to get their butts in gear and get some hooks in them.  With 10 separate points to suspend, there was always something happening.

The first thing that caught my eye today was the triple tandem suspension hanging from the crane.  Now, I have to mention that this was an extremely dangerous suspension, and wasn’t performed under ideal conditions so there are a number of safety elements missing.  In particular, backup harnesses, and blood barriers between the suspendees.  All the participants (including those on the ground underneath were aware of the risks, and worked with what materials were provided.

Participants in this suspension were Tricia on the top in a superman suspension, Raul in the middle with a coma, and Brandon on the bottom in a resurrection.  Tricia in particular was a trooper as she was up there for a long time as the men below her were added.

There’s much more to come, including a suspension that affected every single person in attendance.

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Dallas SusCon 2011 – Day 3

Well, after yesterday’s camera fiasco, Naked Lens stepped up to help out and provided the photos for today’s recap.  So a big thank you goes out to him.

Today was the big day.  Everyone who is attending this year makes an appearance on the Saturday.  Even before the official opening of the event, suspensions were taking place.  The first suspension of the day goes to Samar and her “Shrimp” suspension, put together by Christiana, Havve, and Alan from Wings of Desire.

I believe Havve is responsible for naming this modified inverse resurrection.

And with that the day had begun.  The first order of business was to welcome all 180+ attendees to Dallas.  The day started out on a somber tone as we took the time to remember Adam.  Mike from Hooked then approached the microphone to talk about the other member of the community that was unable to attend this year, Arwen (Spliff).  Mike read a letter from Jill, and turned the stage back to Allen who led the crowd in the Disgraceland chant which must have been heard all the way in NYC, as it shook the walls here in Dallas.

I’m going to take a quick break here just to save some space on the main page.  To read the rest, you know what to do.

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Dallas Suscon 2011 – Day 1/2

I’m spending the weekend in Dallas for this year’s annual SusCon.  For those that don’t know, SusCon is an annual event hosted by‘s Allen Falkner.  The point of the weekend is for suspension crews from all over to come together to learn from each other, and of course have a good time.  This weekend is very much a learning weekend as crews bring not only their most experienced members, but also new members who are learning the ropes.

This ended up being a bit wordy, so I’ll save some space on the main page by bumping it behind a click though. So just click the read more button to see the rest.

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