Blood on the canvas

As I mentioned earlier this week you’re going to be getting a look at some of the stuff Samppa Von Cyborg has been doing while on the road in the US.  Today’s post is about a recent performance Samppa and Aneta did as part of their recent NYC tour stop.  The centerpiece of the show was a blood painting that Samppa did of himself, Steve Haworth, and Lukas Zpira, using Aneta’s blood.  The painting is now up for auction, with all proceeds going towards relief efforts in Japan.

Keep on reading to see some shots from the performance as well as how you can own this painting.  Fair warning though, it is pretty bloody.

Oh look!  Press release:

On Sunday March 20th, 2011 the Von Cyborgs had their first U.S. debut performance at New York Cities Club Rebel. This avant-guard performance included suspension, needle play, blood, and candle wax. The performance began with Samppa Von Cyborg inserting multiple needles in the forehead and arms of Aneta Von Cyborg and painting the words murder + victim across her chest; as she kneeled on the stage exposing her milky white skin that created a lovely contrast to the vivid red blood. Once the needles were removed the blood was collected to be utilized by Samppa to create a master piece. As Samppa diligently went to work on the canvas in the background; Aneta remained center stage enduring pain and pleasure through use of needles and candle wax. Both performers were absolutely captivating and together created such an incredible energy. As you looked around the audience each person waited in baited breath to see what next stroke Samppa would make with the brush and what each drop of blood used would create. Each second that went by the image slowly revealed itself; though usually Samppa creates the images of notorious serial killers this time the master piece created was a blood portrait of Steve Haworth, Lukas Zpira, and Samppa himself, the C-Y-B.ORG masters whom also performed and gathered for the C-Y-B.ORG Sickness Tour. As Samppa took his last stroke; Aneta was suspended 2ft above the stage suicide style; resembling a trophy victim to be adorn. Samppa then exited the stage; leaving portrait and victim to be exposed and admired by all. Audience members remained hypnotized and amazed by the astonishing performance; which received excellent reviews and had audience members craving another dose of the Von Cyborgs. Their tour began in New York City and will continue across the U.S.; they are available and accepting bookings. In addition the portrait created has been place up for auction with bidding starting at $3000; proceeds earned will be used to help the people of Japan; a place where the Von Cyborgs have performed on numerous occasions, made many lovely friends and hold very near and dear to their hearts. All and all it can be stated that the Von Cyborgs truly are an experience to remember guaranteed to astonish