47 thoughts on “Death, Taxes …

  1. When I first looked at this photo, I thought it was a drawing. The shading and stuff is incredible!

    I think (though I may be very wrong) I read somewhere that Marc incorporates swastikas into every tattoo he does. Just wondering if thats true, because the vast majority do…

  2. i think part of the shading looks like swastikas. its quite clear by the eyes (where the shading is more solid) only they make the shape but they have an extra little ‘leg’?

  3. Marc recently guest spotted at a studio about an hour from where I live, but I can’t afford any work right now, I’m SO disappointed. This is absolutely beautiful, and one day I WILL get myself over there and have some work done by him. So so gorgeous.

  4. this has got to be the best depiction of ganesha in ink that i’ve seen in a reeeaaally long time.

  5. motherfuckingswastikafreakshop! wow… the thing i love about these pieces is that as soon as you see one, you INSTANTLY know who did it. awesome work

  6. i think i see swastikas in the shading part, or at least they resemble an abstract swastika… I LOVE this tat! and i like Ganesha…This is an amazing piece of art!

  7. this is absolutely breathtaking. I’ve wanted a Ganesha tattoo on my back for a long time. Seeing this one makes me want one even more although I can’t see how it would turn out as fantastic.

  8. Damn you Killaya, you said _exactly_ what I was going to say. Literally. It’s freaky.

    I’d love a piece by Marc. I should save up til my year abroad next year in merry old Deutschland.

  9. BUMMMMMMM crack.

    sorry. :3

    this is a really reaaaaally cool tattoo. Loving the red stripes. And the shading – !

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