Deep Chest Piercing Update

We last posted about these deep chest piercings by Roland at Visavajara in Freiburg, Germany, about a month ago when they were fresh, and here we have an update after four weeks of healing or so. The piercings definitely look a little angry around the edges, but this is not an easy procedure to heal. Nice to see he’s stuck with it, though, and I’m sure we’re all curious to see if they can heal to the point that they can be worn “permanently.” Another shot, after the jump.

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63 thoughts on “Deep Chest Piercing Update

  1. i wander what it would be like if a woman got deep chest piercings…
    is it even possible for a woman to? cause it would have to go through her boobs.

  2. #5 the rest of the world do it dd/mm/yyyy, USA has to be different because, well, it’s the USA

  3. why do the americans do it mm/dd/yyyy, makes much more sense to do it with the day before the month, like you would first say the time of the day before saying the month or the year :S
    The piercings look really cool, but I guess they limit upper body movement (at least around the chest) a bit..

  4. yeah germany seems WAY ahead there!!

    ask him what 2018 is like!

    those piercings looks very cool, and slightly painful!
    my thought is, when im healing a piercing – it itches – no matter what, while its healing…what must they be like??

  5. I find deep chest piercings like this very nice!

    I couldn’t imagine having to heal them though. Doing simple things like bending would probably hurt! I hope he is able to heal them.

  6. he’s from the future. he’s the new improved terminator. but yes, much agreed. i would love to see these healed. and in the army it’s like today 1Feb2009. so sad for me.

  7. It might just be the way we say dates, today is feb 1rst, and my bday is jan 20th. Sometimes being the oddball out sucks…

  8. I’d like to see them healed as well.
    As for female deep chest piercings…i don’t think so, at least not THAT size. you’d destroy lots of vital stuff for babies and all. Imagine getting pregnant with things stuck through your boobs….

  9. #20 LOL baby chutes

    i do hope those last. i think this is a situation where a lil extra body fat might make it easier to heal.

  10. LOLZ! permanent? yeah right…
    PS respect the US, we invented the internet and jimmy hendrix bitches. we may suck balls but we demand respect mm/dd/yyyy 4 life

  11. piercings do not heal in 4 weeks particularly not something this extreme, the comments on it looking nasty or angry are ignorant, for 4 weeks of healing these look tremendous.

  12. very very interesting! not personally a fan of piercings [on myself] that you have to change how you live just to keep them…but i love to see them and admire the dedication some people have!

  13. the US apparently also invented the term “LOLZ”.
    PS: you guys can keep it.

  14. u.s. navy does it YYYYDDMM, ie: 20090102. both annoying and confusing for a dyslexic, being me.
    those look painful. but pretty, and endearing. i couldn’t take that kind of thing at all, though. but whatever finds your lost remote.

  15. those are both intense and stunning. no, it’s not something i can do, but i appreciate the aesthetic of it and the sheer amount of will and dedication it takes to receive, care for, heal, and adapt to a modification like this. for the amount of time that has passed they look incredible! all the best to him in his healing journey – i too hope that they’ll end up being comfortable, permanent mods!

  16. I was pretty sure the British invented the (seeds of the) internet around WWII. :\

    Sweet piercings. GOD they look painful to heal, though.

  17. man i wanna see a vid of someone getting deep chest piercings. i know they were scalpeled but how?

  18. “#5 the rest of the world do it dd/mm/yyyy, USA has to be different because, well, it’s the USA”

    Not quite the rest of the word #8 ;)

    In Japan Tis YYYY/MM/DD … which ALSO makes more sense then the US way lol.

    Hope the piercing heals well … but gotta admit you’d have to be pretty ballsy to get that kinda deep peircing and keep them for so long when they’ve undoubtedly caused some pain along the way.

  19. i wonder if he took antibiotics for a while after getting these done, to help avoid infection…..?

  20. i was just wondering how these were getting on the other day. looks good.
    my computer does yyyy/mm/dd. mostly cos i may hav set it up weird. also linux. :)

  21. I think women are at a fairly large risk for mastitis with this type of piercing.

    Deep chest are one of my fantasy piercings so I really hope it works out long term :)

  22. I’m still trying to imagine how the procedure was done, but John Kramer keeps jumping in the picture….

    Anyway, I assume there must have been quite some sacrifices involved in those 4 weeks. Wow…

  23. roland has them himself too, and they look fully healed, saw them a few months ago and was surprised how neat they looked!

  24. R E S T E P A

    I mean: Damn! Hope they’ll heal fine from now on! THe idea is so brutal, it is strangely appealing.

  25. I LOVE THIS.

    timezones suck. :(
    americans think they invented the TV.
    we did! john logie baird ftw!
    …although if that’s not his name i’m'a cry.

  26. To number 22, England invented the internet, don’t get cocky. The only major invention that america has done in the last 100 years is skimmed milk. And these look very angry, I suppose if he had a thicker layor fat it would heal better?

  27. Its really, really about damn time this kind of thing started making a comeback. Even though it was dumb when Fakir did it.

  28. These are quite impressive. Fakir does have deep ones like this (for a very long time now!), so I’m assuming these are indeed achievable, though admittedly way to hardcore for most people, including me!

  29. It seems like their being extremely large gauge is a good thing, since they’re straight and exiting the skin at a tangent, not perpendicular like the ends of surface bars. If they were skinnier there might be more tension on the skin.

  30. forget who invented what and just be happy we have it. hey hendrix was in the army and airborne. and i’m army airborne. so i have something in common with the late great man. may he rest in peace. and how did we get into the international invention pissing contest? just be happy we all have a way to communicate with people that we would no other way have way to talk to. i was born and raised in so cal, and am in georgia for the army, and still i’m able to talk to you all regardless of what we like to say to each other or not. just be happy we exist.

  31. Indeed it looks a bit angry. Now…. That is something completely normal after that time. healing will take a year or two, and most of the time befoe it will look angry. Healing tissue, fresh skin, scar tissue formation = red. i still have some doubts about the constant pressure on the skin, but the large gouge seem to do the trick – to cause tissue stretching instead of moving.

    Now…. it’s a matter of patience… patience… more patience… much more patience. And of care. There will be good times, there will be sore times, but all in all there will be a slow healing trend.
    It looks very much like my back piercings did, 1 month after I got them (smaller gauge, “only” 5mm, but almost the same length. And time did the job…

  32. yttrx: Hey you’re not up to date huh? There is quite a number of deep chests out there, since some 3, 4 years. Most of them healed, some of them given up.

  33. Is there any photos of the piercing in progress?
    Not because I want to try this myself, but I’d love to see how they went about doing this.

  34. My vote is no…it looks as if it’s unstable, and I wouldn’t bet on a long life.:/

    It’s interesting, but even if it did heal up perfectly, I don’t know that I would want to keep it. I can only imagine how it would respond to little bumps, rubs, clothing, snags, et cetera.

    How’s it holding up in that department, eh?

  35. Sooo much respect for anyone who could stick to it for that long!
    No sleeping on your belly or moving your arms around very much, I’d assume.
    …but wouldn’t wearing a shirt look weird & be uncomfortable?

  36. Has anyone else noticed the seeming downward arrow shaped marks around both of his boobies?


  37. @22 Jimi Hendrix wasn’t recognized by the US public untill he went to engla nd and came back! you guys all thought he was a nut job untill the english welcomed his talent! the us hasn’t invented anything usefull, and all the advances were made by defected european scientists

    The piercings seem brutal, skin grafts?

  38. All I can think is how much those look like they itch like crazy.
    And I’m Canadian, and I use mm/dd/yyyy. Mostly because I’ve yet to meet more than 5 people who say “It’s the 3rd of february, 2009″, while everybody else I’ve ever heard says “february 3rd, 2009″. Even the government forms I process at work as for the date in mm/dd/yyyy format.

  39. Jenn:

    I really think this is culture-based in that most people you know phrase dates that way because your notation demands it.
    Most people I know say “it’s the third of February” and our date system is dd/mm/yyyy.

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