Double-Edged Blades

Continuing on with our much-heralded “Corset Week” here on ModBlog, it’s the lovely Jenica, posing in a photo by Megan Cash, showing off these fancy arm corsetry projects she had done for her birthday. Not just that, though—these were done in tandem, while she was having both legs tattooed as well. Sensory overload, hmm? In her own words:

My piercers wanted in on the fun too, so towards the end of the night, Amanda and Kaz did tandem corsets on my arms while Bert and Kaelyn were tattooing my legs. Four artists to one canvas! With all of my limbs being worked on at one time, my brain was having a hard time of choosing where to direct my attention. It was a fantastic adrenaline high to say the least!

Jenica then hulked out of her shirt and punched through a brick wall, just because.

(Arm corsets by Amanda and Nichole at Stiletto Haus in Grand Rapids, Michigan.)

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10 thoughts on “Double-Edged Blades

  1. The two colored ribbon is very nice. I don’t see any redness either, how long did you wait after piercing it to take the photo?

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