Fall From The Cone

The last time we checked in with Aloewishes, he was being devoured by various carnivorous plants, but luckily, our hero has made a full recovery and is able to now stand before us, looking on wistfully while standing on a nice sandy beach, thankfully free of hungry flora. After the jump, more beach struttin’, plus plugs swapped out for weights in those two-inch lobes and a better shot of a fresh labret, courtesy of Marea Vedge at Aesthetics in Indianapolis, Indiana.

(Sorry for the delay today, folks. Technical difficulties, etc. We’re going to try to power through some posts right now, bear with us.)

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43 thoughts on “Fall From The Cone

  1. I don’t think “Pretty”, though he is, is what he was going after with that look. I find he looks more “mythical”. Like someone out looking for a Dragon. Something Otherworldly, it’s cool. Not everyone could do that look. He pulled it off.

  2. Saw him right after it was done… where’s the picture of the chick you were with? Hers “fit her face real good” too!

  3. jesus christ, don’t you think his androgyny is somewhat intentional? so what the fuck does it matter if hes a man or a woman, unless of course you are feverishly attracted to him and you’re confused?

    and yeah, all androgynous people are just like the serial killer from silence of the lambs. simple twats.

  4. Buffalo Bill? Classic. LQTM(Laugh Quietly To Yourself)
    Put the Lotion in the basket. Fucking brilliant, I must say.
    You kids are too much, in a good way.
    Rebellion is healthy at your age. Good for the soul.
    And the Mythic comment is interesting as well. Never thought of my aesthetic as mythical.
    All in all I’d like to add the androgyny is not intentional really.
    Skirts are just easy to make. It’s a simple cylinder and it let’s “the boys”breathe nicely, if you know what I mean.
    Silence of the Lambs…wow!
    Can’t wait to share that with others.
    Oh, one more thing, Kevin, do you mean to suggest that all androgynous people are simple twats or all the people who made the connection between me and Buffalo Bill? Just curious.

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