Bigger and Bigger

Following up on yesterday’s most impressive play piercing session, we’re pleased to show off the latest submission from valued ModBlog contributor Cris Black out of Atlanta, Georgia, who just kicks all kinds of play-piercing ass, all the time.

Here’s a 20-piece chest play project I did on my friend (who wants to be known only as E.). Other than her septum and lobes, she has no other piercings and no tattoos, so I was very happy to have been able to help her with he first foray into play piercing. I was assisted in this project by my new apprentice, Haley, who was also one of the models for the wings play-piercing that has been featured here on ModBlog.

More after the jump? More after the jump.

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She Asked if She Could Fly, So I Gave Her Wings

This play piercing photo comes from Cris Black at Aces and Eights, who explains:

did this play piercing in Norcross, Georgia, on a client/friend of mine named Heather (on whose chest I’ve done microdermal implants). The original idea was to have both girls (Heather and Hailey) to have wings, but after seven needles were placed, Hailey passed out, so we had to make do with only the one girl. The piercings only took about 30 minutes, the photo shoot that followed took about six hours; 74 22-gauge needles. This was the first play piercing Heather had ever been a part of and she’s already asked for more—I think she’s hooked.

See more in Ritual and Play Piercing (Ritual)