Three years in the works

By the time you’re reading this, IAM will have probably been taken down for the upgrade.  As many of you know, this upgrade has been a long time coming, three years in fact.  So to celebrate, the BME Shop is having a SALE! We’re giving you 10% off for every year the new IAM has been in development, that means you’re going to get 30% OFF EVERYTHING (except DVDs).  To get the discount, all you have to do is put in the code: 3years when you check out.  The discount will be automatically applied.  The sale is going to last until Friday the 19th.

We’ve also had some requests, so first class shipping has been added to the US shipping options.  However, priority shipping is only 5-15 dollars and it gets there in 3 days or less and it can be tracked.  First class shipping can’t be tracked, nor can any insurance be placed on it, so if you need something quick, priority is probably your best bet, but first class is available.  Express mail is also now available to US customers.  Here’s the current rundown of shipping options:

Domestic (USA):

First Class, Priority Mail, and Express Mail.


Priority Mail and Express Mail.

I’ve also been testing out the new IAM, so over the week I’ll be updating you with what you can expect when IAM comes back online.

So remember, this week only you get 30% off at the BMEshop by using the code: 3years

Sale ends Friday August 19th, 2011.  Sale applies to all items except DVDs.

BME Updates! BMEshop and BME New Year’s Eve Party!

Just wanted to share with everyone a bit of news regarding BMEshop, as well as this year’s BME New Year’s Eve party.

First up, BMEshop is currently in the process of moving. From Tuesday November 16th until Saturday November 20th, we will be driving all the way across country. From Sunday November 21st until Tuesday November 23rd, we will be unpacking and updating our inventory. We may be able to ship out some orders during that time but it is not guaranteed. From Wednesday November 24th until Sunday November 28th BMEshop will not be shipping orders so that we may celebrate Thanksgiving with our families.

BMEshop will remain available to take orders during this time but orders will not be able to be shipped until Monday November 29th. All orders placed during the period of Tuesday November 16th until Sunday November 28th, will be shipped on Monday November 29th.

Please remember that all proceeds from BMEshop go directly to supporting BME. Thank you for your support!

In case you haven’t been to the shop lately, here’s the stunningly beautiful itsssssBROOKE showing off the BME Calm Logo t-shirt.

So freaking hot

Also, this year BME is having a New Year’s Eve party/BBQ!  It’ll be taking place at the new BME headquarters just outside of Richmond, VA.  The event page has all the details, including directions, as well as information regarding food, possible suspensions, and all sorts of activities.  We’ll also be looking to interview people to feature on ModBlog in the coming year, so if you’re interested just let us know.

So if you don’t have plans yet, head on over to the event page to get all the details.  If you do have plans, cancel them and come to the BBQ instead!

In Mod We Trust

Check out these awesome photos of Caitlin wearing one of the old BME shirts, “In Mod We Trust”. The photos were taken by Trillance.

This shirt isn’t available anymore but if you’re looking for BME swag, head on over to BMEshop and check out the goods.


Is there something you’d like to see BMEshop start carrying? Let us know in the comments section.  Have photos of yourself in BME gear?  Why not submit them to BME?

Check out photos of other members in BME gear in the BME T-shirt gallery.

BMEshop wants you!

Have you checked out BMEshop lately?  The tank top below is out of print but there many other different shirts available not to mention the wide selection of jewellery, media and much more!   If you’ve got photos of yourself in BME shirts or wearing our jewellery please feel free to submit them to the site.  If they’re really great we may even use them in the shop!

The photo below was taken by IAM: Trillance.


Check out more folks in BME gear in the t-shirt gallery.

BMEshop 30% off sale!

As I have mentioned previously, BME’s world tour is going to be financed through a combination of sponsorships, my own personal income and BME’s income. Since I’m waiting on a couple of sponsorships to come through, I need to get a move on with booking our travel arrangements. Since I’ll be doing that on Friday after I confirm everything with the winners, I figured I’d kick off some fund raising efforts with a HUGE 30% off sale on BMEshop! Use the coupon code “worldtour” to get 30% on EVERYTHING except for needles, punches and anesthetics. Everything else is on sale though from Tshirts to Prints and Books, DVD’s to every kind of jewelry we have in stock! This is a great time to save some cash while getting something that you’ve been wanting and to help finance BME’s tour to bring us to a city near you!


Brian caught my eye while I was browsing through the Facial Tattooing section over on BME. His work is by Eric Rignal at Inkstop tattoo in New York City.

The sale ends Friday! To recap, 30% off with “worldtour” discount code until Friday at BMEshop!

New Shirts back in Stock!

Check out four reprints added back to BMEshop Full runs in womens small to X-Large and mens small to 2XL.

Depending on the shirt/size, there could be as little as one print of that shirt. I’m working on getting some classic shirts redone like “In case of Emergency this bandage can be used as a shirt” by Jasonthe29th. As well as some totally new designs. Help support BME and buy some new shirts!

Are there any other things people would like to see available in the shop? More tshirts are always obvious but what about key chains? Baseball caps? toques? other accessories? Any ideas are appreciated!

BMEshop is up

I forgot to post on here that BMEshop is back up and running. We’ve got Calm shirts, Elements Shirts, Calm Hoodies and a whole new slew of books in the book section. I’ve already added ICHIBAY, SHIGE and PINT‘s books and I just added one about HORIYOSHI III as well as his One Points Sketch Book .I dropped the price on the Revisited book and cut the price in half for the Revisited Limited Edition Book (includes limited edition binding, case, stickers and prints). Doing one tattoo out of those books easily covers their cost. They also make great presents and tips for the tattoo artist in your life. Wink! wink!

You’ll also probably see a lot of Tattooer related tshirts going into the “Friends of BME” section. This is the stock that was up on CanvasLA’s website and it will continue to be on sale for $20 bucks a tshirt designed by tattooers all over the world. It’s easier to migrate it over to one system instead of having it spread across two sites. We’ve got Rebel8, MATW, To Die For, Sullen and a couple other tattooer lines. We have limited styles and colors left so check through the clothes to see if we’ve got your size. They haven’t all been added yet because it takes a long time but I’m getting to it. Thanks to everyone who bought stuff via Canvas while we were down.


If you didn’t see it posted elsewhere, we’ve been having a weekend sale for 30% off most of the stuff (not including items that ship from Canada) in the store until Monday. Use the discount code “bme4days”. If you have any issues ordering, please email the shop!