MMM Bop? Really?

In the 559 pages of Music Tattoos, I bet you would have almost zero chance of finding another Hanson inspired tattoo (feel free to correct me if I am wrong). Yet, there is one IAM user, who’s username says it all ilovehanson. While in Kansas City, she got this ultimate tribute to the young boys with instruments done by  Andrew Milko at Mercy Seat Tattoo.


PS: some of you may remember her from this post back in ’09.

This New Years make a resolution to say what you REALLY mean

Like Dusty here, who submitted this picture of his “Let’s Fuck” knuckle duster tattoo.  No beating around the bush, no games, just straight up letting people know what he desires.

Sure most of us have seen, the much more subtle, “Let’s Fuck” interlocking upper knuckle tattoo that has been going around for years, but Dusty did not want subtle, he wanted brutally honest.

Dusty included this with his photo submission:

>>So the story about my knuckle tats: I fuck alot of broads and I love the dwarves, hence wicked knuckle tat .<<

He also adds:

>>Homeless girls rule!<<


Dusty’s tattoo was done by Helena at Helena’s Tattoos Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada.

Squint on a Million

Well folks, as September draws to a close, so too ends BME’s world-famous Knuckle Month. As we’ve learned, publishing photos of knuckle tattoos brings out the tough customers, so let’s celebrate the commentariat’s vitriol with this offering from Tye, sporting the Queen’s script by Lila Way at True Grit Tattoos in Burlington, Ontario. After the jump, Tye mugs for the camera, just because. So long, Knuckle Month.

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Back On Course

Good afternoon, folks! Let’s kick off our day with this fun addition to our esteemed collection of hand and knuckle tattoos by Jeff Miller at Body Art Tattoos in Stratford, New Jersey. What can we say? We enjoy vaguely-antagonistic-but-good-humored-nonetheless tattoos. We hope this gentleman gets some good use out of his newly adorned knuckles.

And hey, it’s Friday, ModBloggers. Right in the face.

How to Build a Boat

As part of our ongoing effort to bring you the absolute best in both knuckle and cephalopod tattoos, here’s some hand-work by Asa Rogers at Art With Heart in Denver, Colorado. It’s common knowledge that I can’t help but find endearing stylistic mishmashes, and this Asian lettering/”Book Worm”/sea-creature battle just plain does it for me. (The brilliant coloring doesn’t hurt.)

And before anyone pipes in with a worry or complaint that they either (1) already have “Book Worm” on their knuckles or (2) were planning on getting it and this just ruins their day…cheer up. If there’s a fine club of which to be a part, I think this would be it. On that note, what’s everybody reading this summer? Let’s hear your recommendations, ModBloggers. Oh, and of course, the other hand of above set is conveniently placed after the jump.

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Never Sleep

“I’m a programmer,” says Exciteableboy, he of the above knuckle tattoos, “it’s what I am.” Oh yeah? Well, I LOVE PIES, but you don’t see me bragging about it.

…Oh, who am I kidding? I brag about it all the time. Go forth, good sir.

Actually, let’s open it up to the floor: Favorite knuckle tattoos of all time, whether you’ve actually seen them or just had wonderful dreams about them. Let’s hear ‘em in the comments.

(Tattoos by Slim at Studio City Tattoo in Studio City, California.)

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