Pulling the line

With help from Andrew and Kelvikta the Blade from Swing Shift Side Show, as well as Lukas Larson and Will Robinson, SirPerrald and a friend had themselves a fun time with a pull.  This took place during the final days of this year’s APP conference, and it really shows the transition two people can undergo when pulling.  In the first photo, they’re relaxing, hanging on to each other, yet in the next they’re doing everything in their power to pull apart.  Because of the contrast with the first photo, we can see just how significant this pull is to them.  While they may have things inside each other pulling them apart, they’re connected by something stronger than both of them.  A bond that links them together, preventing them from separating.

The Devil’s Tightrope – Part 2

I know it was just yesterday when we saw the 4 person devil’s tightrope pull, but when I saw these photos in the Mercury Suspension Team’s gallery I knew I had to share them.

These photos were taken backstage after the show, and is made up of a 2 person pull featuring Bradde with the hat, and 2 others (I’m sure Benolyn will post in the comments their names so I can give them credit).  Now in the first photo everything is going great, and you can see Bradde is definitely feeling the pull.  In the second photo, well, that’s the face of someone who just realized the person on the tightrope just fell onto it.

They also give you a much better look at just how intense this stunt is, which means it’s something you probably shouldn’t do unless you know exactly what you’re doing.

The Devil’s Tightrope

Leave it to the Mercury Suspension Team to put together a 4 person devil’s tightrope pull for a fundraiser.  IAM:Benolyn sent in the photos from the event, but she didn’t include the names of anyone involved in the pull, although I do see Bradde on the far left of the first photo.

Update from Benolyn:  The people pulling are Bradde Hamman, Josh Anderson, Travis Boersma, and Cory Boersma. Flec is our slackrope extraordinaire, and our anchor people are Matt Borsa, Pat Kuhn, John Osborne, and Andrew “Big Poppa” Mitchell.

Smooth Criminal

Growing up in the 80s it was impossible to ignore the influence that Michael Jackson had on music.  Now I’m not saying that the guys at Swastika Freakshop are huge MJ fans, but I can’t look at this pull without thinking of the music video for Smooth Criminal.

For those who may not get the reference, fast forward to 7:30.

Michael Jackson reference aside, it looks like these guys were having a lot of fun with the pull.  Thanks to ohmycaptain for sending this in to the pulling and trucking gallery.

Pulling an all-nighter

IAM: Collah Bonez recently had a chance to do her very first pull, with Cere on hand to guide her through it.

The nighttime setting looks like a great environment for her pulling, and you can see just how awesome a time she had with the rest of the images in the pulling gallery.

With the days getting shorter and the nights getting longer, that can only mean one thing: Halloween is coming!  So break out those photos of you in your costumes (that you can also see your mods) and upload them to BME.  Oh, and if you have a tattoo or something else that is horror inspired, send them in as well!

BME BBQs have a way of pulling you in

The BME BBQ.  A time honored event in which the greatest minds of our generation come together to chat about the ails of the world, the possible solutions to all of life’s problems, all while enjoying the finest foods and beverages known to man.  Animals on the verge of extinction willingly give themselves up to be served to these individuals, while monks from an ancient sect pass out 200 year old wine to be sipped from glasses made of diamonds.  These monks, being both deaf and blind, and having taken a vow of silence are the only ones permitted to near these individuals as their discussions can alter the fabric of reality as we know it.

Recently, at a secret gathering of these minds in Southern California, a small number of photographers managed to slip past the ring of security (a wall of 8 foot tall men, all the direct descendants of the vikings), and capture these images.  I’d like to ask for a brief moment of silence for these brave men and women, as once the images were transmitted out, a small tactical warhead was launched, killing them all instantly.

Thanks to their sacrifice, we are able to now see what until this time was only a legend.  For security purposes, I need to place the images behind a click through, as the contents of them may shatter your entire world view.

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She’s coming for you next…

…at least that’s what that fierce stare she’s making says to me.


This picture was submitted without much info. All I know if the artist was credited as Artist: Jurec from Latvia, Daugavpils. Whether the artist was the person who threw the hooks or took the pictures I don’t know. So please, if you submit pics to BME make sure you give as many details as possible and/or contact info so if we pick your photo for modblog, we have the story to go along with it.

The best thing on British TV since Mr. Bean?

My favorite crazy Brits, the Psycho Cyborgs, are up to something.  Recently they took over Camden High Street in London for ten minutes. They are working on a new project and this was one of many upcoming promotions for that project. They can’t tell us too much about it, because the whole point of this is that they are building up interest for when it’s “released” in September – It should  be incredible though!


Reality shows – Tried, tested and tired of seeing them all? Think again!!

Horror movies? Well, we have all seen at least a few that have made us cringe, jump, and sometimes be shocked at by all the blood, guts, gore and a few weapons of choice. After it’s finished off you go to bed feeling entertained but knowing it wasn’t real.

But what if it were? And what if you, the viewer, were in complete control?

Well now you are…

This is gonna be utterly insane. Pure sickness!

It’s entertainment. It’s gore. It’s blood. It’s fun. It’s pain.

And it’s REAL.

And the winner of the trivia is….

Jamie Mayhem!!!!!! Her answers were flawless and best of all she wrote out the answers so well, I can cut and paste most of hers when I post the answers later!

When I went to Jamie’s page to tell her she won, I saw this picture of some cops watching a pulling “just to check it out”. Back in the day at a BME Social I threw at my old place in Maryland, we had some cops come out because they heard we were “hanging people”. They came out and were a bit weirded out by it, but all in all they were respectful and just reminded us to be done by 11pm when the noise ordinance kicked in. Luckily for all involved they came when they did and not during the group genital pull that also took place at the same event!


Answers to the Trivia questions coming in a few hours and a feature on our winner, Jamie, should show up in the next week or so.