BME meets FHM

After yesterdays post of a BME Girl on British tv, I come across this picture from MIss Duveaux from a 6 page spread that was shot for FHM (For Him Magazine) Holland. It’s great to see a beautiful modified girl getting some love from mainstream media and not getting teased like KissItGoodbye was in my last post.


Miss Deveaux had this to say about the experience on her IAM diary entry about it:

Not only was I featured in a six page spread with For Him Magazine, FHM, but they decided to not re-touch my tattoos… The dude is a famous dutch tv-host *Sebastiaan Labrie*  Not only hot, but with tattoos and he was very open minded and interested in all my body mods… he liked my branding real much!

For more pictures from this shoot check out her IAM page, the BME/ Culture/ People gallery, or look for them in FHM Holland.

For one more showing off her chest tattoos, keep on keeping on.


The Great Equalizer

You may not know it by looking at the picture, but this is, in fact, the very lovely Miss Duveaux (much more), letting her side-torso tattoo tell the tall tales of her supposed “trouble” for her. I mean, really—how much trouble could a girl who, I don’t know, covers her naked self in blood for Christmas really be? Exactly. One of the nicer (and definitely one of the more large-scale) script pieces we’ve seen in a while, unobscured by that pesky red sheer, after the jump.

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Made Good Under Pressure

Fan favorite Miss Duveaux weighs in on diamonds, love and marriage:

I got this from Ilya, because I always said I feel marriage is a silly thing, I never want to get married, I just feel better celebrating love in a different way … the only good thing about marriage is the huge kick-ass diamond every girl wants to have, but never gets (or at least it’s never big enough). And I just got it, my own huuuuge diamond, diamonds are a girl’s best friend … so I’m pretty darn happy!

(Tattoo by Lennaert at Frostbyte Tattoo in Alkmaar, Netherlands.)

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A Wonderful Life

The lovely MissDuveaux (right, who’s been on ModBlog once or twice) and Chinouk (left) check in with this Christmas miracle:

We where supposed to shoot very serious set with liters of fake blood, but when we arrived we saw all this dress-up-stuff and the girl in us could not resist! Enjoy your X-mas as much as I enjoyed sharing my hat …

Will do! But what of that blood-soaked photo shoot? Well, that ended up happening too. See the sacrilege, after the jump.

“We did this messy shoot with 11 liters of fake blood,” MissDuveaux says, “made out of very sticky stuff. The good news? It looks great! The bad news: everything (and then I mean everything) stuck together.”

And with that, happy holidays, ModBlog. We’re going to take the rest of the day off, but come back tomorrow. Embrace the day.

(Photos by Johan Reinders.)

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And now for something completely different..

I feel we need some “dessert” after the last post, something light and fruity perhaps?

I’m afraid some of the images above didn’t have credits, but I can say that the top-left-brunette-lad is Mostly Canadian, the top-right-blonde is Miss Duveaux (more), the septum-piercing-in-the-centre was done by Russ Foxx (more / iam), girl-with-frilly-red-knickers is Lessaa and the bottom-right-lad’s tattoos were done by Alan Gilb, Top Dog Tattooz, Cosham, England.

See more at, erm,, obviously!

I told you yesterday I’d be posting this!

I think it’s rather funny MissDuveaux, Lefrog, Christiane, Ilya, Allen (who’s got quite infected on the long ride home), Muffe, Havve, and others decided to brand themselves at the Oslo Suscon BBQ, oldschool style, since they’re all people that should “know better”. But really, sometimes that’s when doing silly things is by far the most fun… Ah, fond memories of watching Surburbia as a kid… TR!