Back Yankers

Clearly, what we have here is Dave Gillstrap learning to waterski (with CJ‘s help), or perhaps Dave showing the Bangkok, Thailand, crowd how to apprehend a suspect with some sort of futuristic (archaic?) law enforcement device, or maybe an example of what every massage will be like in 2024.

Below, the audience gasps in horror as Dave just straight-up rips all of the skin of CJ’s body, revealing an impossibly handsome skeleton, or something.

or it’s just a series of neat photos from the 2008 MBK Tattoo Contest. Either way — good morning, ModBlog! Happy Halloween!

12 thoughts on “Back Yankers

  1. Those hooks look like they were thrown upside down (from shoulders to butt not the other way around). Is there a specific reason for this that someone can explain? If they were thrown in mind for suspending I can see the logic, but for just pulling (bending down to push with quads or leaning) the hooks are upside down.

  2. i also think they are upside down for something like this
    the risk to be pinched a second time is possible
    but i guess it turned out good

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