Little Lambs Eat Ivy

Last week, we featured Robin‘s own coma suspension, and here we’ve got a set submitted by him of another attendee/suspendee from the same event, Concrete Jungle Tribe‘s Bloody Valentine’s Day in Malmo, Sweden. Another shot, after the jump.

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16 thoughts on “Little Lambs Eat Ivy

  1. I know him,he’s from germany.
    He’s was featured several times on german documentaries etc.
    Forgot his name though

  2. Hey, it’s Rolf – Congratulations!
    I guess there’s not one suspension event in Europe where he isn’t attending. And always first :)
    See you soon!

  3. I’m having a hard time understanding what looks like facial piercings. Can someone post a better picture of his face?


    Mares eat oats
    And does eat oats
    And little lambs eat ivy
    A kid will eat ivy too
    Wouldnt you?

    Haha love that rhyme.

  5. i’m wondering about the connection between the rhyme and the picture…. i thought i was missing a Twin Peaks reference somewhere.

  6. When I first looked at this all i could think of was how the scars would ruin the tattoo :( Even if they’re small, hehe.

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