And Here Is Your Dallas SusCon Photo Update

Hey, it’s SusCon weekend in steamy Dallas, Texas, and while I couldn’t be there, lots of friends were, so let’s look at some photos of the festivities, yes? First of all, as we mentioned previously, Allen Falkner turned 40 yesterday, and what you see up there (in a picture by Angela Poon) is a project coming to fruition after three years in the making: Three years ago, BME’s own Phil Barbosa had that oversized portrait made and orchestrated having it sent all over the world with various travelers, picking up signatures at every stop, with the intention of surprising Allen with it on his fortieth birthday. And hot holy damn, it all worked! I haven’t received an official report about his reaction, but I can only assume that he has not stopped crying, seeing as he is old and infirm now. (Kidding!)

Take a peek after the jump for some more good stuff.

Oh, these photos are courtesy of Brian, who, as you can see, is up to his old tricks, molesting every young man that isn’t nailed down. Thanks Brian!

Earlier in the week, I mentioned that the ihung team would be building an even bigger PVC-pipe suspension dome than this one, and hey, there are Scot and Mikey, testing the structural integrity of the revamped version.

And there it is in all its glory. That is goddamn awesome.

It appears that, left to their own devices, the SusCon attendees quickly formed roving gangs. I believe this crew of outcasts prefer to be called “The Yellow-Jacket Boys.”

You may have noticed little ads on the side of the page over the last little while advertising a freak show/performance/etc. for Allen’s birthday and to kick off the SusCon, and this, of course, comes from that show. Here is Havve, who is one of the greatest performers around, offering a sober discussion on how the Norwegian banking system differs from the failing American model.

And here is a scary dinosaur of some sort, caught in one of Allen’s patented dinosaur traps. He will be thrown on a barbecue later on today, and devoured by everyone in attendance.

Check back soon for more updates!

21 thoughts on “And Here Is Your Dallas SusCon Photo Update

  1. first of chubby isn’t always a bad thing. liazard man is still a sexy beast. (though i dont like his chops :S) and second thats the coolest birthday bash i have ever seen in my life. i bet it was good times fo sho.

  2. happy birthday allen! (i think this is the fourth place i’ve said this… not including singing with 150-160 other people at the first day of suscon)

  3. nice cross advertising for the BMEzine’s “pain solves everything” shirt…

    and i like the “chubby” lizard man with the burns.. great look!!

  4. Yeah – not the most flattering picture I have ever taken. But if all these comments give me a complex and I develop bulimia I can add that to the list of mods…

  5. Seriously, I think that was the funnest night of my life, ever. It was such a blast! Totally wish I would have been able to stay for the rest of suscon though…wish i had more time to talk to everyone. So weird to see everyone in person, haha. They’re REALLY REAL! wtf? internets people come alive.

  6. I wish someone would do something like that for my birthday gift =(
    I love the “Pain solve everything” t-shirt

  7. …sleepy…..*yawn* fun!
    lack of sleep=a great weekend in Dallas 😀
    Somehow, I only gave Allen three spankings?!! …to be continued…

  8. that dome was put up by the teams. not made by them. it was made by a guy from ohio who takes it to different venues. suck it suicide.

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