Only A Game

Welcome back, ModBloggers! We hope you enjoyed your (potentially) long weekend, whether you were eating Canadian turkeys or getting trashed and singing the praises of ol’ Christopher Columbus or whatever. At any rate, we hope you are refreshed and bearing no more gravy stains than absolutely necessary. Let’s begin our slightly shortened week with these lovebirds, Justin and Lilli, who we last saw about a month ago hanging out safely in some sort of urban jungle. This time, however? They are risking life and limb, perched precariously over the Grand goddamn Canyon, just to give you folks an adorable picture with which to start your day. It’s nothing if not thoughtful, right? Show them some love. And hey, more lovely, outdoorsy, walrus-y goodness, post-jump.

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One Way Or Another

So, we’ve featured Jusn (more) and Lilli (cupcake!) on here separately as of late, but, hey, it is a crime and an abomination to not show these kids off together. Sure, it’s not the same without someone’s dad being hoodwinked or some evil chocolate monster, but this is one handsome pair nonetheless. If you only let one photo on the internets melt your heart today, let it be this one.

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Admire the View

The last time we saw Jusn, he was bonding with his pops over big stretched piercings, real or otherwise. Before that, though, we featured him immediately following a scarification collaboration by Ron Garza and Wayde Dunn based on a Garuda mask Ron saw while in Indonesia. This is that cutting, two-and-a-half years later and just a little sunburned, but it’s a fine example of how a particularly intricate cutting can fare several years down the line.

Garuda Mask Collaboration Scarification

I wasn’t going to post today, but I got this amazing collaboration scarification (seriously, click that if you’re wondering why “collaboration” is emphasized) photo from Ron Garza ( and Wayde Dunn ( and had to share it (who tour regularly; check their sites for schedules). The cutting (here’s a closeup) is on Justin and is based on a photo of a Garuda mask that Ron took in Indonesia, which he and Wayde redrew for scarification.

L-R: Ron, Justin, Wayde.