Mind The Gap

Hoo boy that’s grisly, but fitting for this, the Halloween season, no? Shane checks in from scenic Columbus, Georgia, to show off this new Columbia Necktie tattoo by Matthew Wertjes at Superior Skin Art. The tongue is a nice touch, too—the tongue in the tattoo, that is, not the split tongue, although we’re sure that has a nice touch too…ladies.

More angles after the jump, including a painful-looking procedural shot.

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105 thoughts on “Mind The Gap

  1. Sorry, but definitely not the best thing to get tattooed on your throat. Honestly, I hate to be that guy, but come on.. down the road, regrets, that whole deal.

  2. Does anyone else find it slightly disconcerting that his body is MASSIVELY devoid of any ink other than an incredibly graphic throat piece?

  3. Ya know what, I have to give it to him. Bad idea? Maybe. Someone had to do it situation? Eventually. Have to give props though, I just got out of the army and I was stationed at Ft. Benning, GA and columbus was outside of the gate. So gotta give it to the guy. It’s a hard city. Crackheads everywhere. But nobody here can say the tattoo doesn’t look good. Would it be something any of us would get done? Probably not, but the artwork is really nice regardless. Eh, I’m too young or stupid to get anything that serious. I’ll stick to my SRH and Slipknots sick S tattoos on my calf’s. VIVA LE CALI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. So…living in a city with crackheads makes you make bad decisions? Great logic there buddy…

  5. #6 – he has his face tattooed, aswell as both his arms and hands.

    I think it’s pretty cool, certainly well done :)

  6. .. Wow. Oh wow. I think this is the first time that I’d have to agree with the sentiment of ‘why did he get that?’. I’m not a huge fan of the piece, though will agree it was a ‘someone had to do it eventually’ situation.

    But.. Yeah. It’s his neck and not mine. More power to him and all that.

  7. I don’t understand how anyone, especially anyone who uses this website, can possibly say “how could he get that? He will regret it.”
    Why do you say this to this tattoo but not other tattoos? To young people but not older people? I don’t see anything wrong with the tattoo, his age, the placement… I don’t care what other people get on them, who am I to judge? Aesthetically the tattoo is beautiful and striking. Why should it matter if it happens to be a deep throat wound?? Why should his age be so conflicting with his degree of comfort within his body and his presence? Can’t young people know what they want too?
    I resent how people are so preoccupied with what other people will think. Who cares what other people think? That’s why we’re here isn’t it!
    Clearly this guy has a very chilled relationship with reality! As should we all.
    This tattoo is actually simply awesome.

  8. I’m shocked that people are talking shit on modblog. Imagine that! (sarcasm)

    I thought it was makeup at first.

    I’m such a fan of gore!

    Like others said I wouldn’t have gotten it. But I also wouldn’t have gotten a tranny playing in shit on me either (people seemed to be abig fan of that one).

    Why must people be so negative all the tiime? Yyoure just as bad as the people that look t some of us like were going to mug the while walking to their cars, or ask “why” or grab their children in a shielding manner.

    I gess what im trying to say is where’s the love?!

  9. What the hell happened to this place? Who let all the hateful judgemental posters in?

    I wonder how many others like me have completely left or are about to?

  10. I’m all for face/neck tattoos on anyone who wants them… but I burst out laughing when I saw this. I’m sorry, but the whole thing is rather ridiculous.
    The worst part- he can never join the headless huntsmen!

  11. ps- I love being negative. Spread it around, people. Without negativity we’ll all turn into pussies.

  12. People who complain about people are being “negative” are just being just as annoying as the people being “negative”. Shut the fuck up and get over it.

  13. Negative opinion is by no means “hateful”. These comment forums have always been an outlet for spirited discussion, and frankly, ever since we all started caring so much about being PC and not treading on anyones “creative spirit” or “personal journey” or however the hell you want to put it, this site has really lost something. I think that the problem that many of us see with this type of modification is that when an individual chooses their first and only tattoos to be on their face, hands and neck it’s hard to get past feeling that this individual is simply out for scene points; to prove how hardcore they are to those around them. Now, I obviously can’t speak for the rest of the community, but work like this just doesn’t sit right with me, nor does the publicity It’s receiving. Does questioning someones motives really make an person “hateful” now?

  14. Ok, I never said that being in a crackhead filled city was the reason he got the tattoo. And who has a problem with slipknot?!? Greatest band ever. I’m 22, what can I say. I’m stupid right? Because you don’t like it it’s wrong? Please. People arguing over tattoos on this site is rather stupid. At least he didn’t go up to a wall and go “hmmmmm, I want………………..that one” pointing at some random piece of flash that has no symbolic meaning to him. He saw the opportunity arise and he took it. Good for him, poo for you.

  15. I think the concept is interesting in a gruesome way, and the artist is talented! But I can’t help but think how hard it will be for him to get a job dealing with the public or something really professional with a tattoo of that subject matter and in such a highly visible place. Unless he’s an artist or going to do piercings or tattoos himself, he’s in some trouble…

  16. Did anyone else notice the correspondence between the title and this guys teeth? first thought

  17. Lol at the “Hardcore modbloggers”

    Your allowed to comment, but only if you say something nice?

    Jeeze that would make for an interesting discussion. Lets all hold hands and praise every person for every modification no matter what! :P

    I can think of many times in bme’s history where people have done some really stupid modifications and if some of the posters didnt speak up it would spread crap information/view points.

    Albeit this is an aesthetic tattoo and not a modification, surely you must see that their is little beauty in it but alot of “fun shock factor”. I really dont think its too rude to point out that most people find this gross, im pretty sure thats what the guy was going for!

    And if your to scared about being ridiculed, please dont submit your pictures to the internets.

    Just because this is a “community” doesn’t mean we all have to agree all the time. + <3 xoxo

  18. I really like the artwork on this. It’s a pretty bold statement though, and I’m not sure if I’d be willing to make one so bold ever in my life. I’ve always been a fan of large throat work, and I like this piece. I find it hilarious that some people think that you need to “earn” the right to being visibly tattooed.

  19. This tattoo makes me think all those tired cliches that a lot of us hear daily. “You’ll regret that in ten years” “How will you get a job” and “What does your mother think?” all spring to mind.

  20. 5 bucks says this ends up on one of those dumbest tattoo lists that go around on the internet.

  21. i do NOT get the throat piece (but it’s beautifully executed, i will admit that)

    but: i love love love the subtle tattoo next to his eyes!!!

  22. aside from the whole discussion about getting this on such a visible spot, it’s not a well-done tattoo!!! don’t get why people are saying that. The shading looks horrible.. I can’t imagine that it will look like anything but a blog in the future. Should white ink just serve to highlight the artwork/be so obvious?

  23. #16 – it’s a tattoo, it’s on his face. I can’t see how that’s up for debate, his face is tattooed.
    Given, it’s not the most extreme facial tattoo but it’s still a pretty big step.l

  24. Maybe he should have saved some of the money he wasted on bad tattoos and gotten his disgusting teeth fixed. Why would he show them in a picture when he looks that horrid?

  25. everything else aside, why hasnt anyone noticed the artist has NO clip cord bag, and NO machine bag, and its laying right on top of the client.

    Cross contamination anyone? not only did he get a throat tattoo but he probably got a good case of HEP with it.

    Why the hell dont ppl bag their stuff? whatever happened to INFECTION CONTROL.

  26. Stephanie, you’re just being a bitch. His teeth aren’t decaying or anything, they just have a gap. If you’re going to call someone’s teeth disgusting because they aren’t perfectly aligned, you suck.

    I did look at the tattoo, and I really like how the artist executed the piece. I think the art is good, and I’d definitely like to see healed shots from it.

  27. @43 & 38 – Its been a few years since I have visited this site, and of all the differences I have noticed it seems that since BME has gone mainstream the readers don’t seem to understand quality or infection control. Back in the day this is where I learned about quality and cleanliness, and it seems that the standards and education have gone out the window.

  28. #30 hahaaha, your comment should be the most important!

    imo, it just doesn’t seem like a good thing to get tattooed on your throat but it’s his body, he can do what he wants with it!

  29. Just because you wear make-up means you can’t think someone else has put on a little too much? Just because you have some sort of fashion sense means you can’t have a negative opinion about someone else’s outfit? Of course everyone should be accepting up to a point of people’s choice to get modified how they want on their own personal journey, but they are also allowed to have an opinion about something they are a part of. Just because someone is a part of the modified community does not mean they have to think every modification is great. This is a bit.. something else.

    There is a reason a tattoo shop wont((or shouldn’t) tattoo someone’s hands or face unless they are at least sleeved or in some way heavily tattooed. Though, Shane could be sleeved for all we know.. But this goes beyond just having a neck tattoo. This beyond the only factor being the tattoo’s visibility. I like tattoos anywhere, hands, feet, face, anywhere.. But I also dislike poorly done or poor idea tattoos. I and anyone else is allowed to think this tattoo, while it is nicely done, is just not the greatest idea in my opinion.. And no matter what you say, age is a factor.. It would still be just as bad an idea at 50, but still, the person is better fir to make a bad permanent decision for themselves and live with it. I’m very lucky I didn’t have the ability to get tattooed at earlier times in my life. My ideals and morals have changed very little but I would still be unhappy with big X’s on my hands, or a lame band of nautical stars around my wrist I wanted when I was 16, or any number of tattoo ideas I’ve wanted since then that I would surely hate now, even though none of the ideas were in any way offensive or off-putting. Even if someone thinks this is him showing extreme comfort in his own body or whatever, his comfort levels and opinions are most definately going to change.. hopefully in the better direction for him.

    This is straight up horrifying gore on his throat. A vivid depiction of his throat gashed open. This will suck for varying reasons on many occasions in the future no matter how he feels about it, love it or hate it later. I can’t know his intentions for getting it. Only he knows that, but it would be difficult to argue it was a great reason. I may be wrong but I can only assume this is majorly for shock value which is a terrible reason to get tattooed. I wouldn’t mind knowing what he feels were his reasons for getting this particular tattoo. I can’t say for sure he’ll regret it, he may never, and that would be really great. And of course people shouldn’t jump to say things like, “That’s retarded..” or “He’s stupid..” or whatever.. But it is fine to say either that you think it’s not a great idea to get this tattoo or it doesen’t look so great.. In short, it’s ok to like some mods and not like others.. but all the while like the spirit of getting modified all inclusively.

    And all of this is not to say that I haven’t gotten very annoyed with people’s negative comments on here at times.. It ok to have negative opinions, as long as they are somewhat informed, in my opinion. When modblog was on stumble upon for a little while I couldn’t stand they terrible comments that were being left. I’m simply defending the right to have a negative opinion about someone’s modification as long as it’s shared respectfully. I’m not defending people being dicks, especially about things they know little about…

    I wish Shane the best with his decision in the future.

  30. Gotta say “Ha” to everyone who is saying that shane isn’t tattooed “enough” just by looking at these pix. Go check out his IAM page.

    Love the necktie.

  31. look at that gap in the teeth fukkk but so many other things u could get on ur neck theirs loads of beautfill art

  32. #51
    also if you read his posts on his iam page half of the time hes inbetween work and couch surfing constantly to survive…..which seems the perfect time to get a super sweet throat tattoo.

  33. He seems to be a complete idiot on his IAM page, thanks for telling everyone to go look so we can all see what a moron he is. Now instead of not having a job because he’s an IDIOT, he’ll probably turn into one of those “They wont hire me because I’m different but I won’t change for anyone” douchebags.

    Having tattoos or a piercing should never be more important than having a job and supporting yourself. Yet here we see another example of a moron with no job paying money he probably didn’t earn for a tattoo that will make it almost impossible to get a well paying job.

  34. PS
    Matthew Wertjes at Superior Skin Art needs to learn proper procedures before even thinking about touching someone else with a needle every again. Between that and how poor the tattoo is it’s obvious he doesn’t know shit about tattooing people professionally. How the fuck is someone doing something that unsanitary on this blog in a POSITIVE light right now!?

  35. Whilst it is an impressive tattoo it’s not something I’d recommend one getting. It’s going to look terrible when he gets older and his neck gets all saggy and jowl-y. Or if he gains a shitload of weight. Hah.
    Pershonul preeefreence though.

  36. Aesthetically beautiful? How is a vivid depiction of a horrifying injury in any way “aesthetically beautiful”?

  37. i wonder if his beard grows in low enough on his neck that itll look kind of odd or dull once he begins to regrow hair in the area. the cross-contamination issue is a major concern, especially for the artist. its not only his ass on the line, but the clients he may cause harm to. even if the client is his friend, it sucks to be putting your livelihood on the line like that. as for the tattoo itself, of course he’s going to catch shit for it, but even if he becomes completely shunned from society, the guy didn’t sign a death certificate by getting the tattoo (provided of course he doesn’t catch something fucked up from a dirty clip cord…). at the end of the day though…. what the fuck ever. he didn’t get the nike swoosh or something… and even if he did, oh well. i hope its exactly what he envisioned, thats all you can shoot for.

  38. I agree with everythin V says so far. A very detailed tattoo, executed very well, but personally I dont wound tattoos…
    If someone came and asked me to do their 1st tattoo on hands, neck or face.. or head, they get told to fuck off.

    Im all for sayin “FUCK EVERYONE” but when its your tattoo credentials and reputation on the line, its a different story… I hate this PS bullshit, but alas, Im a tattoo artist and I have to warn people of the negative effects their tattoo could have, not just try n sell a drawin for their skin…

  39. Will look shitty in few years.

    And not using cable-covers means not showing any sense of resposebility…

  40. Slipknot sucks. I reeeally just needed to get that out of the way.

    Everyone has a different aesthetic and personally, I do not find this aesthetically pleasing at all. Its ugly and extremely poorly executed. I believe everyone has the right to do as the wish with their bodies, but I personally believe this guy is a huge dumbass. He’s 21, doesn’t have a job, and just got a huge neckpiece that most people will find extremely unattractive. I’m all for being comfortable within your own skin, but let’s be realistic.

    Also, that tattoo artist should be embarrassed to have those pictures on here. That’s so unsanitary.

  41. as someone who has their neck tattooed at a young age, i don’t think that his age should be the sole reason for judging. obviously, neck and throat tattoos are a big decisions.. and hopefully this young man thought of that before he acted. also, everyone on here needs to remember we all have different ideas of what we like on our bodies and what we are willing to put up with from other people. people come up to me all the time and say extremely rude comments or just blatantly ask me if i “think i will ever regret that’. people don’t know the reasons why i have my tattoos or my goals, etc.. and yeah, it may be harder for me to a get a job at this point in my life than someone who looks square.. but honestly, i feel myself, and i love my tattoos, and know they were the right choice for me.
    i will say, this looks a little showy and wouldn’t be my choice either.. but i am all for visible tattoos if they make you happy! there’s no need to be afraid of who you are, even if other people don’t like it.

  42. i personally dig it. i don’t really ‘get’ gore tattoos typically but it’s creepy and attractive despite what the artistry might be lacking.

    it’s a bummer so much of the negativity is about how he’ll feel in 50 years or how he’ll get a job or whatever. not everyone wants to work in a profession where you can’t have gory neck tattoos, and some people see their modifications as more important than what’s socially acceptable. i say props to them.

  43. sod the tattoo… im bored of it….

    but the gap in his teeth is purdy…..

  44. castro – How many professions can you think of where gory neck tattoos are acceptable? I can’t think of a huge amount, though I suppose some employers are more accepting than others.

    I think the tattoo is very well done. I wouldn’t call it a great decision if it was purely for shock factor – but I don’t know Shane’s personal reasons for getting it. I sure would like to hear them.

  45. I do have a job actually I make good money I can look however and I can tour whenever so my job is greaterthan most alsoi don’t care what others think ihave very personal reasons for this piece I’ve wanteditforfouryears now and I had over 38 hrs of work before recieving this piece so it’s whatever whenyou guys question my experiences my decisions my LIFE but ihavenothingto prove to youfucks I’m ontour inky baller ass I phone I paid for with my hard earned cash that I damnsure worked for so fuck off not to mention I guarantee anyone that looks like me doesn’t plan onbeing 50 especially considering with my chrons and marfans syndrome my average life expectancy is around 45 at least that’s what my last doctor told me either way I don’t give two fucks about you or what youthink I do this for myself not some imaginery point system

  46. I dont see how anybody has the right to comment on another persons tattoo. It’s a personal choice, and you’re only going to make the person feel bad when he reads it. So shut the fuck up. xo

  47. Shane. You may have made a valid point or two in there somewhere; but just trying to read that gave me a headache…

  48. “I guarantee that anyone who looks like me doesn’t plan on being 50″?

    What the hell is that supposed to mean?

  49. Oh wow, you earned enough money to buy yourself an iPhone! You’re certainly set for life now shane!

    I can definitely see how responsible you are and where your priorities lay. Look at me! I have an iPhone and sick visible tatties! w00t!

  50. Because poking at people’s flaws and decisions in life on modblog is the new cool thing to do, apparently.

    Shane, just do what you do in life. Fuck all this hating bullshit. Don’t stress over it.

  51. Lily wrote:

    “I dont see how anybody has the right to comment on another persons tattoo.”

    When they post their photos to ModBlog, that’s clearly what they want or they wouldn’t have bothered.

  52. HAHAHA. I can’t believe that moron actually responded, and then was found to be MORE of a moron than anyone could have hoped for.

  53. LOL @ #81 and SUPER LULS @ #73..

    Shane, just do what you do in life. Fuck all this hating bullshit. Don’t stress over it. Yeah, couch surf and get bad tattoos, you won’t compete for women, jobs…

  54. So wait, wait, you’ve wanted this piece forever… have had a split tongue, how long? and he couldn’t work the split into the tattoo?

  55. @DS3M, Yeah, why not? It’s his life right? In what why is it hurting you? All you do is talk shit because it makes you feel better about yourself. Who are you? & why do you hide? Let me see how you live your live. You have no point in all of this.

  56. I want to be cool and hide so I won't link my page, Joshmeshuggah? What? No way...not him at all. on said:

    As far as women, I’ve seen a few of them complimenting on the tattoo, and he did mention that he has a job.

    I’m not here to back up Shane because he’s a nice dude and I’ve talked to him before. It’s just really pathetic and funny that people go on Modblog and start yapping away with their ignorant comments about someone just because they want it their way. As if he owed you all something or needed to get your approval. Everyone will be different. Appreciate. Modblog used to mean something. A community where “Different” people would come together and be accepted because “normal” people wouldn’t. If Modblog viewers can’t accept people with different tattoos, piercings, and what not, then what’s the point of this site?

    Sure you think, “Oh he’s going to regret that in the future”, “Fuck, it’s ugly”, “Shitty work”, “So stupid to get that on his neck” Then you think about his future, then his sexual life, then his dental health, then………..SERIOUSLY? Does it bother you that much? You will not change anything, just sitting and typing away. You’re actually wasting your time as I am right now.

  57. Well whatever, jojo. He submitted the photos to BME. One way or the other, if he didn’t want people commenting on his tattoo, he wouldn’t have posted photos of it online (and he probably wouldn’t have got such a shocking tattoo in such a prominent place either)

  58. I would never get something like that on my neck, but personally I think its pretty cool. I like the gore!

  59. @ tallish_noodles (#19) – As for why people question young people making permanent decisions, the answer’s easy…because most people change a lot from who they were in their teens and 20s. Want proof? Just look at all the people of that age who dress goth or punk, swear that it’s them and that they’ll never change. Check back with them when they’re in their 30s and tell me how many of them still dress that way. Some might, but most won’t. Check again in their 40s. How many 40-something year old goths and punks do you see running around? Not many. But if you had asked them at 19 or 20, suggested that there might be a time where they won’t want to dress like that anymore, they’d laugh at you and be like “No way, this is who I am,” because when you’re that age, however you are then, you’re convinced you’ll be that way forever. It’s only when you get older and look back that you realize how much you really have changed. You evolve all throughout life. A 30-something is no more the same person they were at 20 than a 20 year old is the same person they were at 13. You always grow, always evolve.

    So it stands to reason that a permanent modification gotten at a young age might not be to the person’s liking when they’re older, even if they swore when they got it that it would always be “them.” That doesn’t mean that all young people will regret their mods later in life, but I guarantee some of them will regret some of them. If you get to a point in life where you don’t feel that dressing a certain way suits who you are anymore, you can just change your clothes. A giant throat tattoo is a little harder to do something about.

  60. i know i’m a bit late to be commenting this but seriously. not every job that supports your lifestyle has to happen in a cubicle or in front of customers or in some shit situation where you have to ask your manager if you can stretch your ears a little bit more. shut the fuck up with the ‘omg he’ll never have a job’ shit, do you think modifications are free? dude’s alive, relatively healthy, and heavily modified, so he’s obviously covering his bases in the way he sees fit. so what he might not be able to get that big promotion down the road at merril lynch or wherever the fuck YOU think he might eventually want to work, it shouldn’t be surprising that omg someone on a body modification site thinks modifying their body in a way that makes them happy is more important than potential employers at some point in the future possibly being grossed out by their tattoo. are you fucking serious? BME/IAM is filled with people who are seriously heavily and visibly modified and most of them are under 50. fuck having some arbitrary age limit on making your body look the way you want. fuck imposing your ideas of what’s gross or too extreme in terms of modifications on everyone else. fuck assuming everyone should aspire to the same lifestyle you have or aspire to. seriously fuck all the hypocrites that come on here and act like they’re so into modification but have shit to talk on everything that’s not stretched lobes, standard piercings, and cliche tattoos. go join a fucking myspace ‘lookit my gaugez’ group if people being visibly modified really offends you that much, you have nothing to add to the community but bitching and hate so just gtfo.

  61. To the person who said that his body is otherwise completely devoid of ink:

    His entire right arm is tattooed black, save for his elbow that contains a snowflake.
    He has a good deal of ink. But not good ink.

  62. He has wanted that piece since 2008 when he seen it in savage, i have had that tattoo for 4 years

  63. i love the tattoo & the split, not to mention he’s a good looking guy!
    that is all =]

  64. OMFG i know this guy. ive partied with him, chilled with him, drank with him and played guitar with him.
    This is shane Craft from the band 213.
    fuckin badass man right here. and anyone who says that this tat or any throat piece is stupid, its a matter of personal choice honestly. if he wants to get his throat tatted up let him, just like if the next guy likes fapping to fat people porn or midget sex, let him. no matter how odd it may be, when you get a tattoo especially of this magnitude, you understand the risk and reward, you accept the fact that it will almost definitely be on your body forever unless you have it removed after extensive treatment. so he knows what he is getting into. and ppl in the music business like shane and i, we use it as even more of a way to express ourselves. or jst for shits and giigles really if you want one get one. and shane has plenty of tats they arent in the pics though. his whole right hand is fuckin black, except or the top of his hand there is a snowflake on it, and he has many many more on his arms. people and their biased and pruude ideals on tattoos. this isnt a comment thread for criticizing how stupid shane is for it. you dont have to ever even meet the guy. but….life goes on and so should you if you think its stupid

  65. OMFG i know this guy. ive partied with him, chilled with him, drank with him and played guitar with him.
    This is shane Craft from the band 213.
    fuckin badass man right here. and anyone who says that this tat or any throat piece is stupid, its a matter of personal choice honestly. if he wants to get his throat tatted up let him, just like if the next guy likes fapping to fat people porn or midget sex, let him. no matter how odd it may be, when you get a tattoo especially of this magnitude, you understand the risk and reward, you accept the fact that it will almost definitely be on your body forever unless you have it removed after extensive treatment. so he knows what he is getting into. and ppl in the music business like shane and i, we use it as even more of a way to express ourselves. or jst for shits and giigles really if you want one get one. and shane has plenty of tats they arent in the pics though. his whole right hand is fuckin black, except or the top of his hand there is a snowflake on it, and he has many many more on his arms. people and their biased and pruude ideals on tattoos. this isnt a comment thread for criticizing how stupid shane is for it. you dont have to ever even meet the guy. but….life goes on and so should you if you think its stupid

  66. Still happy with the tattoo, still touring the country in bands, still fucking plenty of girls so obviously they like it(even high school teachers muahaha).

    Just thought I would check in with everybody and let them know I’m incredibly happy with my decision and I wouldn’t do a thing different.
    As far as having jobs there’s something called makeup. You learn to adapt to the world if you’re a true survivor and there’s also companies I’ve worked for that do not care one bit (I.E. Best Buy, locally owned restaurants, etc). However I prefer staying on the road with music, it makes me happy. I would imagine the majority of you have yet to experience true happiness. You should probably just let go and live. I’m thoroughly enjoying it

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