You’ve got something on your lens

So normally a photo with this much photoshopping wouldn’t get posted, but we haven’t had nearly enough BMEBoys lately, so we’ll have to make due.  Plus it’s Evil_Emil, which is always a plus.

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Who is that Masked Man?

Today’s BMEBoy is something of a mystery.  Of all the photos he sent in, this was the only one where his face was visible, if only he wasn’t wearing the mask.

So with no face, you’ll just have to appreciate Zarin_Strog’s body instead.

Aussie Eye Candy

Jake‘s no stranger to being ModBlogged, but I think this may be the first time he’s been featured as a BMEBoy.  Sure he’s had a lot of scarification work done, and his nipples removed, but that beard/stache combo is what makes this photo so grand.  With the holidays coming up, now would be a good time to add him to your wishlists.  I mean, who wouldn’t want him keeping you warm on a cold winter’s night.

A double dose of BMEBoys

Ya, that’s right.  I’ve got not one, but TWO BMEBoys for you today.  And I have it on good authority that at least one of them will be at the BME NYE 2012 party.  So not only do you get to ogle them here, but you can also do it in person in a couple of weeks.

First up is the Decembearded Richard ‘Effin’ Ivey who wishes all the ladies a Merry Christmas. (His words)

And next is Evan, aka IAM:Velo.  We saw him in last week’s Friday Follow-up showing off his 6-week old scar that Richard cut.  And here he is now at the 6 month mark.