A double dose of BMEBoys

Ya, that’s right.  I’ve got not one, but TWO BMEBoys for you today.  And I have it on good authority that at least one of them will be at the BME NYE 2012 party.  So not only do you get to ogle them here, but you can also do it in person in a couple of weeks.

First up is the Decembearded Richard ‘Effin’ Ivey who wishes all the ladies a Merry Christmas. (His words)

And next is Evan, aka IAM:Velo.  We saw him in last week’s Friday Follow-up showing off his 6-week old scar that Richard cut.  And here he is now at the 6 month mark.

BMEBoys are fascinating!

This eyebrow raising young man submitted his photos under the name “withoutmer”, and said that his tattoos include Silver Mt Zion neck tattoos, and a quote from The Crow on his chest.

Thanks to how the new galleries work, his photo can be found in several galleries, all relevant to his mods.  So look for him in the face and neck tattoo, lettering tattoo, music tattoo, and ear stretching galleries.

The BMEBoys were feeling left out

With all the BMEGirls posted today, it’s only fair we end the day with a superb shot of Pasha and his piercings.  This BMEBoy even caught the attention of Jen, who e-mailed me to let me know about him.   I can’t say I blame her.  It’s a fantastic shot, hauntingly beautiful, and it shows off not only his impressive lobes, but also his stretched septum.  Ok, enough with the talk, enjoy the photo.

BMEBoys are so moreish.

First up it’s IAM: Ferdudurke getting his retro on in Moscow, Russia.

Roaring up from the rear are Mike (left) and TJ on their mighty metal steeds..

Clickthrough for a larger view.

This beautiful dedication tattoo is by Jason Stephan, Hart and Huntington Tattoo (Orlando shop). Again, click for a closer look..

And lastly it’s Josh Justin, who looks pretty pleased with himself after a successful prom and a spot of automobile vandalism.

Josh Justin, as much as we appreciate the free advertising I don’t think that sort of reckless behaviour’s going to do us any favours.