Patience is a Jedi virtue

…but is it a Stormtrooper virtue?

Ever since it was mentioned in September, people ask me regularly what’s going on with the stormtrooper-shaped implant. Unfortunately not much to show yet — the pictures in this entry of Damaris’s hand implant are only three months old, and it’s hard to make out in photos even if you know exactly what you’re looking at. It doesn’t help that right after getting the implant done, Damaris had the bad luck of standing next a women with certain shortcomings of balance, who grabbed her hand to save herself from a fall — “I’ve never felt pain like that before!” — and caused it to shift from it’s originally straight placement. That said, some implants can take a year or more to really show their maximum detail, so it’s not necessarily worrying. I’ll continue to update on the healing of this over time.

stormtrooper1t stormtrooper2t

Power Button Hand Implant (and more)

You may have seen this multi-level power icon implant before (designed and fabricated by Max Yampolskiy), but I wanted to post an updated picture of it as it’s now well over a year old and looking just gorgeous — the stepped height of the design is incredibly effective. In the bottom photo, which is actually an older picture, you can also see the implant design and the complex base that Max creates, intended to maximize both the detail level and the adhesion of the implant.

max-power1t max-power2t


And I must confess a mini-crush on the model as well, who has a plethora of intense modifications and rare, advanced piercings including subclavicals and vertical lowbrets. Although I don’t know of anyone ever having serious complications from them, I can’t tell you that subclavicals are safe or recommended on any level, but wow, I just love them… One of the most hardcore piercings that exist.

While I’m mentioning Max’s implant designs (he both performs them and retails them to other artists), another one that I like quite a lot and is similar on a design level is this “Iron Man” chest implant, four months old in this photo. There’s a good chance that in time the centre indent may pull down and become defined and that the middle circle (of the three) will start to show, but you can already see nice definition in the rest of it.


PS. You may also remember the space invaders implants that Max did.

Cock-n-balls on the mind

While the BME team works on finding proper staff for Modblog (now’s the time to send your resume I’m thinking), I’ll try and post at least one post a day to keep the wheels lubed. Speaking of lube, Jesse Star celebrated “The End of the World that never came” on December 21st by shoving his cock-n-balls behind his buddy Dub’s ear. Yes, I know, real mature. Way to respect an ancient and noble artform guys. Hahaha. Click the photo for a second, larger view of the implant under different lighting.

As one commentor wrote elsewhere, “So, Dub, does this mean ur officially a dick head?”


That might just be WOLVERINE

Sorry for my long absence by the way — I’ve been wrapping up my new (or old, since it’s been in the works for over a decade) book of interviews, which I hope you’ll see in the shelves of BMEshop and elsewhere quite soon. The book is complete; it’s just a matter of finalizing the deal with the publisher.

Anyway, I saw this new implant by Bruno ( in Italy and was quite struck by it. It’s intended to give the appearance of being similar to Wolverine right about to blow his Adamantium load. I enjoy this conceptually, and not just because I’ve become a comics superfan in the last couple years, but because I like any mod that makes people question the anatomy they’re looking at. I think a lot of people are going to look at this and have absolutely no idea what they’re looking at, what strange anatomy is in that hand, and whether it’s aliens among us, an odd mutation, or perhaps a weirdly healed injury… Holy headfuck. You don’t get that with a circular barbell!

Tattoos with Boob Jobs

Some of you may remember five years ago when Lane had Brian Decker give his tattoo a boob job, which unfortunately came to an unpleasant demise. Amusingly this is a not uncommon gag, and I know a few other people with it as well. For example, I suspect after seeing Lane’s (although I don’t know that), my friend YK did his own breast implants on his tattoo, hand carving a piece of silicone and putting it in himself. Another friend shaped his tattoo into a more subtle form by injecting wax underneath it, and I suspect that as custom implants become more available, the art of mixing tattoos with implants will mature by leaps and bounds.

PS. Because I’m currently working on interviews, you may notice me posting some pictures that have already been featured some time ago in the main BME archives, as I run across things that also make an interesting ModBlog post.

Feminine Horns

In all honesty, the aesthetic of horn implants isn’t for me, but this pair is nice and subtle and seem to suit Rebecca Davis perfectly. It’s like she was born with them!

Generally horn implants are pretty noticeable, so I was curious what her reasoning was for going with something a little less bold.

“Well I wanted to start off small to see how I liked them. After they healed I realized that most people don’t notice them so I don’t get stopped that often by random people saying “wuts that in ur head!?”. I like that I can hide them if I need to, they are like a surprise!”

The implant procedure was performed by Tony Snow, and photography is by Marshall Bradford.

Happy Halloween!

Holy crap, Roni’s ( makeup is amazing every day of the year, so I wouldn’t have expected less on Halloween, but wow, this skull/zombie creation is over the top. The dark eye sockets are wild due to her black eye tattoos, and I’m totally loving the use of her forehead implants as an exposed skull bone.

PS. Click here for an “everyday” photo for comparison.

Rolf and Stelarc at the Oslo Suspension Symposium

I met and interviewed Stelarc back in 2004 at the Transvision transhumanist convention here in Toronto, but while he was already planning it, he had not yet implanted the ear in his arm. He’s in Oslo right now, as part of the amazing 2012 Oslo Suspension Symposium (these events just keep getting more and more amazing), and Rolf Buchholz — and incredible artist in his own right — just posted a nice picture of the two of them together showing off their amazing transformation. Zoom in and get a nice big look.

In addition to collecting an incredible number of piercings, Rolf also takes an incredible number of just wonderful images from suspension events around the world — he is the best traveled suspension enthusiasts I can think of, perhaps by a wide margin, and it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that he holds a world record in suspension as well as piercing. In any case, here are two photos he took at the happening-right-now 2012 Oslo Suspension Symposium. Stunning artistry, as I had expected. The first photo can be zoomed in.

Silicone Knuckles

This brass knuckles hand implant is one of my all-time-favorite hand implants I think, mostly because it’s absolutely perfectly sized and placed. Unlike many brass knuckle designs on the hand, which are just sort of slapped across the back of the hand like a logo, this one actually integrates with the anatomy (no offense intended to other placements, but compare it for example to this earlier implant posted last year). This was done by Rafael Leão Dias of Dhar-Shan Body Art in Jundiaí, Brazil.

Large First-Gen Forehead Ridges

Here’s an amazing set of first-generation forehead implants — this is probably about the farthest one would want to push a first gen forehead — looking superb on day seventeen, just past the initial phase of healing. These implants were custom made (if you’re curious, click here to see them pre-implantation) for Jenny by implant artist Max Yampolskiy and then expertly installed by Arnulf Ragnar Schmitz at Stigmata Inc in Cologne, Germany. It’s funny, as I was working on this post, Caitlin looked over at my monitor and said — jokingly, I think — “Why are you always ogling girls with bumpy foreheads? Would you like me better if I got implants?”

I will leave it to you to wonder whether my fingers were crossed when I said, “No, of course I love you just the way you are!”

All kidding aside, Jenny was quite pretty to begin with of course, but I do think this implants are just wonderful and a big “improvement” — although improvement isn’t really the right word… I think that this is something more profound than what you’d get with a nice haircut. It’s not just an improvement — it’s an evolution.