Forever Black-eyed

Eyeball tattooing.  We’ve talked about it before when it first started to come about a few years back.  Shannon did a great piece on it, as he documented the procedure that Howie did on him.  It’s been well over 4 years since that article and while it is still extremely rare, we do occasionally get submissions.  I just want to note that while it has been successful for some people, this is one of the riskiest procedures and can easily lead to blindness.  Do not under any circumstance even attempt this without proper research and preparation, and even then you can still lose vision, and possibly the eye itself.

That all said, here’s a client of xRonix showing off his blackened sclera.

xRonix is currently working at Extreme Needle in London.

Again, don’t even think of attempting this without extensive research.  If anything is off by the smallest of measurements it is possible to go blind.

Halloween is coming!

I love this time of year, the leaves are changing, the temperature is dropping, and all around you people are finding ways to turn themselves into some kind of ghoul.  Well today’s BMEGhoul is zombieprincess.  There was no credit listed for any of her piercings, however the photo credit goes to DBNE Photography.

Don’t forget to take a photo of yourself dressed up this year and send it in!  And we’re still looking for modified pumpkins!

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More Movember Madness

With every mustache there is the chance for a beard.  ICollectTheDead shows us just how much that is true.  Looking very dashing (and a little psychotic) in his suit, he’s proving that one can have multiple labret piercings and a beard without the two conflicting.

The madness isn’t over yet.  Coming up later today, my choices for best mustache and beard combo, as well as best overall mustache for the month.

The BMEBoys were feeling left out

With all the BMEGirls posted today, it’s only fair we end the day with a superb shot of Pasha and his piercings.  This BMEBoy even caught the attention of Jen, who e-mailed me to let me know about him.   I can’t say I blame her.  It’s a fantastic shot, hauntingly beautiful, and it shows off not only his impressive lobes, but also his stretched septum.  Ok, enough with the talk, enjoy the photo.