Stephane of Hold of Needle, Lyon

Hey, if you’re going to make a clone army of naked men, best to give them matching tattoos, right? And what is BME anyway, if not the home of the naked tattooed army? In reality of course this is Stephane Tissier, head piercer and owner at Hold of Needle Body Piercing in Lyon, France (Photo © Studio 5.56).


While I’m showing you Stephane’s mods, I wanted to zoom in on his hands, because he has a pair of superb piercer/mod artist tattoos on them — a scalpel blade on one, and a piercing needle on the other, done by JC Sheitan at Screaming Needle (also in Lyon, which from what I can tell from across the ocean, is a real mecca for body art with a lot of superb artists in one region) and Tristan of Empreinte Bodyart respectively.


Two for one

I did some digging and from what I can tell, we haven’t featured scalpelled nipples on ModBlog since 2008.  According to Gábor (IAM: Wyrd) the nipples were scalpelled to 6mm.  On top of the nipples, Gábor also did the tattoo on the back of the client’s hand.

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Quiet Lines

Last month’s BMXNet conference has come and gone and we’re starting to get photos sent in from the attendees.  If you don’t recognize the fellow below, it’s because you normally see his work and not his face here on ModBlog.  That’s Gabor Zagyvai (IAM: Wyrd) right after getting a facial scarring by none other than Ron Garza.

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A poke in the right direction

When it comes to hand poked tattoos, the experience of getting them is often just as significant to a person as the tattoo itself.  With no machine, each and every prick of the needle is guided by the artist’s hand, creating a more intimate tie between the artist and the client.  This effect is magnified when one decides to hand poke themselves.  Below is Max Harris’ hand, and the butterfly/script hand poked tattoo that he gave himself.  While Max travels a lot, he is currently based out of Boston, MA.

I’ve got one more of Max’s self-done tattoos for later today, so keep an eye on ModBlog to check it out.  You won’t be disappointed.