BMEGirls make the world go ’round

Rachel (aka Snake Woman) has sent in yet another series of pictures that showcase just how great the BMEGirls tag can be.  This time around she’s showing off her half-sleeve by Frank Pirrone.

Photo by Elizbiz Photography

There’s one more photo to check out, so keep on reading.

Photo by Carbondecay

Check out the rest of the photos in the photo galleries.

Now before you get upset that I’ve been posting more BMEGirls than BMEBoys, I pick the images from the submissions sent in by you, the ModBlog reader.  So boys, send in those photos.  I’m 100% certain there’s a lot of people out there wanting to see some BMEBoys.

Don’t have an account to submit photos?  Sign up today for a free membership.  Just remember to include all the information about your photos so everyone can get proper credit.

12 thoughts on “BMEGirls make the world go ’round

  1. Ahhh!! thank you :) gorgeous lady and again amazing work from Carbon Decay Photography!! Love working with him

  2. Absolutely divine!I never commented before but i felt compelled to externate my uttermost admiration for the sheer gorgeousness that is Rachel

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