Rolf and Stelarc at the Oslo Suspension Symposium

I met and interviewed Stelarc back in 2004 at the Transvision transhumanist convention here in Toronto, but while he was already planning it, he had not yet implanted the ear in his arm. He’s in Oslo right now, as part of the amazing 2012 Oslo Suspension Symposium (these events just keep getting more and more amazing), and Rolf Buchholz — and incredible artist in his own right — just posted a nice picture of the two of them together showing off their amazing transformation. Zoom in and get a nice big look.

In addition to collecting an incredible number of piercings, Rolf also takes an incredible number of just wonderful images from suspension events around the world — he is the best traveled suspension enthusiasts I can think of, perhaps by a wide margin, and it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that he holds a world record in suspension as well as piercing. In any case, here are two photos he took at the happening-right-now 2012 Oslo Suspension Symposium. Stunning artistry, as I had expected. The first photo can be zoomed in.

Rolf’s 150th Suspension!

Speaking of “records” and “firsts”, I’ve got to congratulate Rolf (oft-mentioned here on ModBlog) again, who just did his 150th suspension, choosing the humorous asstronaut suspension, a style that I never-ever thought I’d see again after the first person jokingly did it… but then somehow it took off, no pun intended. This was done at Suspension MECCA 2012, where Rolf also did a lotus suspension.


Rolf’s new Cyber Cell jewelry from Samppa

A couple days ago Samppa Von Cyborg just installed this great classic Cyber Cell bar into “piercing and suspension celebrity and record holder” Rolf Buchholz. I say “classic” because Samppa made this jewelry way back in 2004, but has been saving it for something special — and when it comes to piercing, there are few as special as Rolf, and Samppa felt the time was perfect to do it for him as a gift. In addition to doing this piercing, he also implanted three hearts (I’m going to assume that this means heart-shaped implants, not three superhuman redundant hearts to make Rolf unkillable, although with Samppa you can never be sure) and a pair of strong magnets.


I should mention that Rolf is lucky to be alive — look what happened at the recent warehouse suspension hosted by Muffe Vulnuz. Rolf was nearly eaten!!! Thank God he’s alright, because it would have been a real shame for this community to lose such a remarkable character. Damn those giant suspendee-devouring nephilim that are always sniffing out blood and metal and rope.


100/1000/1000 – Congratulations Rolf!!!

Those of you who follow Rolf Buchholz (Guiness’s new most pierced man) on Facebook or watch the BME suspension galleries may have noticed that he does a lot of suspensions. What you may not be aware of was that these were part of a larger ritual — to do one hundred suspensions, using one thousand hooks, over one thousand days. He has just completed this remarkable journey.


Congratulations Rolf!!!

This morning Guinness announced some new world record holders and among them was none other than Rolf Buchholz.  Rolf now has the distinction of being the world record holder as The Most Pierced Man in the World.  With a grand total of 453 piercings (278 of them being genital piercings), Rolf piercings are extensive and impressive.  What the Guinness record people didn’t mention is that Rolf has been tracking all of his suspensions, and has taken a total of 998 hooks since his first suspension in 2004.  Last month at the Oslo Suscon, Rolf marked his 100th suspension with a 100pt superman.  Rolf is a wonderful member of the BME and Suspension communities and we at BME would like to congratulate Rolf on this distinct honor.

Personal Evolution

I’m starting a new series for ModBlog called “Evolution” (so in the future you’ll be able to see all of them by clicking the “evolution” tag). Here are the first eight — more will follow in future entries. The point — as if it’s not obvious — is to show people with prominent facial modifications transitioning from their unmodified form to where they are now, with a picture or two inbetween. Click to zoom them by the way. Without further ado, I bring you…

James Keen

Joe Munroe

Katya Kadavera

Muga Suástica

Rolf Buchholz

Sarah Bizzara Mills

Shannon Larratt

Simon Peglegs

Twin Sisters Suspending Together

I love this photo that Rolf Buchholz took at the recent 8th Italian Suscon of Erica Marinoni suspending with her twin sister Claudia Marinoni. Not only is it wonderful to see twin siblings suspending together, but I love the glee and joy captured in this image — it almost looks like they’re dancing. I suppose in a way they really are.


Suspension Glory

Following up on the amazing static rigging I posted earlier today, I want to show some more of the amazing work that’s going on in the suspension world — some just stunning technical suspensions have been done at recent SusCons around the world. I want to show you a couple of Lotus suspension variants first. I’m not sure what I should call this — perhaps a “patriotic suspension” because the pose is reminiscent of a WWII bomber art pinup, which I think fits nicely not just with suspensions but with tattoos because it’s a motif that is often seen there. This was done at Suspension MECCA 2012, and the photo is by Rolf Buchholz.


This next lotus variant is more difficult, and also beautifully executed, a double lotus with the bottom one inverted, as if it’s a suspeded reflecting pool or something. The left photo, of the rigging being done, is by Rolf, and the right photo is by Steve Joyner. You can also see the esteemed Havve Fjell (Wings of Desire) doing the rigging in the photo — it’s amazing watching the best minds in suspension get together to create these moments. Now what’s next? Rigging the guy on the bottom traditional lotus style as well, and tossing both of them in a building sized rotisserie? Why the hell not?


All that fawning commentary said, I wonder if there is a point where we throw up our hands in a mix of humor and despair and walk out of the room? I mean, can suspensions ever jump the shark? If the asstronaut suspension couldn’t do it (and gosh there’s some fun stuff in that link), how about what Andrii Panchenko calls an “ass duet”, which is just what he’s doing here with his friend, photographed about two years ago.


Well, after 20,000 years or so people hanging from hooks, I figure it’s going to take a lot more than this to knock it out of our genome. I mean look, hang a guy from just one hook, and even the strength of two big guys won’t tear him down it’s so awesome (photo by Rolf Buchholz, Suspension MECCA 2012). Never coming down, never!!!


One Hundred

Anyone who has been to a Suscon event around the world knows Rolf.  He’s always on hand taking fantastic photos, and at some point will get up and suspend as well.  Rolf is also really diligent when it comes to tracking his suspensions, as you can see by taking a look at his IAM page.  Well for the 10th annual Oslo Suscon Rolf celebrated his 100th suspension by suspending from 100 hooks for 100 minutes.  Following the suspension he was awarded a gold plated hook.  Everyone here at BME wants to congratulate Rolf for this amazing accomplishment, and we’re looking forward to seeing the next 100 suspensions.

I’ve also included a video of the entire suspension from start to finish, you can check that out after the break.

The Oslo Suscon is hosted each year by Wings of Desire.