It’s time for something a little harder

I contemplated turning this into a “guess what”, but I think that would lessen the significance of this particular modification.  It’s not very often we see a partial penectomy, so when I saw this in the queue I knew it had to be posted.


While today’s earlier photoshopping was excessive, this one is pretty much mandatory.

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Thumbs up for BME Hard

Yesterday’s Guess What Game featured a modification that is not too common in the community, that being self-amputation.  A lot of comments were made, and questions asked, so as requested, here’s a look at one of Thumbamputee’s several amputations.  The images in the post below come from the BME Hard amputation gallery, and are only a small segment of the many images sent in recently.  To view all of them sign up for a BME Hard subscription today.

Due to the nature of the photos, they’re all hidden behind a break.  Just hit the read more button if you’re interested in seeing the amputation healing process.

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It’s Tee Time!

For those of us north of the US border, fall is in full swing.  Days are starting to cool, and nights are getting noticeably longer.  Longer nights mean less daylight, which in turn means less golf time.  That’s probably the reason half of the population of Florida in the winter is snowbirds.  They just need to get their golf fix.

For IAM: Ebayoyo, he gets his golf fix in another way.


So my photoshop skills aren’t the best, but I think you get the idea.  To see the rest of the image, just keep on reading.

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Do it yourself, with the dicing slicing gomco-matic!

One of the common issues I (and I would imagine a lot of other piercers) run into on a regular basis is the parents who bring their infant daughter in for ear piercings. No laws in my state keep me from doing this, but my personal ethics will not allow me to do any modification on an non consenting client. My view on circumcision is the exact same, I don’t feel it’s my right to decide the fate of my son’s penis. I feel that is a decision for him to make as a consenting informed adult.

Apparently, the parents of this BME Hard contributor, shared my viewpoints and left their son uncut. Now as an adult he has not only decided to get circumcised, it appears he decided to do the procedure himself using a gomco clamp.


To see the blood beyond the blur, keep on keeping on.

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Wow, is it almost Valentine’s Day again?

Apparently it is, according to every commercial on tv and radio, not to mention annoying internet pop ups. So what to do for V-day? That is the big question on everyones mind. You could just stick with the classic romantic candlelit dinner for two, right?

Well, this is BME you’re reading and BME people tend to bring a little bit of  body modification and body play into otherwise normal activities, so a classic romantic candlelit dinner may not be your style.


I am sure you can guess where this is going, so if you are on the tamer side of personalities, please keep scrolling down and look at the pretty flower tattoos posted below this. However, if you want to see a BME Hard version of a romantic candlelight dinner for two, keep on keeping on.

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And they say we have no class!

They are fools! BME is full of classy, cultured, modified people.

For instance , did you know about the modified girl who studies and teaches opera and also runs a body suspension performance group called Operafication? Or how about, Nick ,who is a respected architect  plays classical music on the harpsichord and just happens to have full facial tattooing and other “extreme” visible body mods? Dig around IAM and you are bound to find a bunch of other examples of people who combine there love of body mods with other high brow interests.

For example, where else could you find someone that has combined there love of Mozart and there love of body play in the same way that this BME HARD contributor has?


…and for those of you who want to de-blur you know the deal.

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