Dance An Antic Hay

This is very, very close to being an explicit picture, and, while I’m sure nobody would had a problem with a little less perpendicularity, I think we can all appreciate being able to see Melt Banana‘s “satanic ass” (her words!) free of any blurring or pixellation. Really, though—great tattoos, beautiful photo…I don’t like throwing around words like “hero” willy-nilly, but I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that Melt Banana is the greatest hero in American history.

(Goat tattoos by Angelo Colussi at Quetzal Tattoo in Milan, Italy.)

Your Love Was a Lie

Happy Friday, everyone! Just in case you haven’t all skipped out early on work to go see Drag Me To Hell or Up or another of the fine horror films being released today, here’s an actual hell-demon on John‘s leg, fighting to make its way into the earthly realm to eat your souls, etc. Yeesh. Look at those dead eyes, anguished face, hellish screaming…reminds me of my prom night! Ha ha, just kidding. I didn’t go to prom.

(Tattoo by Joshua Carlton at Great American Tattoo Company in Shelbyville, Indiana.)

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Not Without My BFG 9000

This murderous, ravenous hell demon was brought into the world by local sorcerer Brandon Vermillion of Fillmore Tattoo in Fillmore, California. Vermillion, as you may remember, was the centerpiece of this hilarious shitstorm, so I guess we can surmise that, at the very least, he has not gone blind in one eye, thereby allowing him to summon this wretched beast, with a scalpel.

The Invasion is Imminent

Umm, Jesus. For those of you who were wondering why that terrifying eyeball tattoo had a crack at the bottom, it’s because it was opening a portal to hell, which has allowed godless monsters like this beast to escape. Is it a steam whistle, filled with demons? Don’t look at it for too long.

(Tattoo by Billy the Bastard at Custom Inc. in Glasgow, Scotland.)

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