She’s a unicorn

A wise man once told Siobhan that she must be a unicorn because he had never seen someone as perfect as her.  Granted he was specifically talking about a couple of her assets, but she’s still pretty awesome. These photos in particular show off just how stunningly gorgeous she is, the second one in particular just screams “sultry vixen”.  Her husband is one lucky guy.

Not surprisingly, she makes an excellent addition to the BMEGirls Gallery.

And here’s a peek at the assets in question.

Photo credit goes to Ron Douglas.

Even unicorns have bad days

You ever have one of those nights where you’re just in a foul mood, and need to drink away your problems.  You hit the bars, smoke a lot, and down any kind of booze you can find.  After you’re good and sauced, you get into a fight, and hit on someone, not necessarily in that order.  The next morning you awake with the hangover from hell and the only thing your body is capable of doing is getting everything out as quick as possible.

Well, this can happen to unicorns too.  Don’t think that just because they’re all rainbows and sunshine they can’t have a bad day.  You know how hard it is to constantly be happy and prance about with a heart tattooed on your ass?  Well, if you ever see a unicorn out on a binge, make sure to stay out of their way, lest you end up gored by a horn and covered in rainbow vomit.

Evil_Emil sent in this piece by Pecka Lindahl from Pecka’s Tatueringskonst, in Östersund, Sweden.

New to BME Shop: Unicorns and Cupcakes

We interrupt your regularly scheduled ModBlog to bring you this urgent news bulletin: Hot off the BME Shop presses is this brand new shirt designed by the wonderful Alie! The boss asked for a shirt with a unicorn and a cupcake, and Alie rose to the challenge. Now, look, we’re not saying this shirt will get you laid or anything, but…this shirt will absolutely get you laid. Click the picture to visit the BME Shop page.

What is it with unicorns?

So way back in the early days of ModBlog I posted the unicorn with a hard-on. Then I posted the so-called “white power” unicorn, and then the unicorn shitting a rainbow. Jake saw this and wrote in,

“I figured I’d send this one along your way. I had this created for the logo of my band Children of the Unicorn and it was so fucking fly that I needed to get it on my arm, and then this shot ended up as our album cover… funny how it works sometimes. Enjoy!”


Cutting right to the point

So earlier today we saw IAM: Arseniy Andersson playing chess with someone he had just suspended, now lets take a look at something else that he has done recently.

With Dragon-Con finishing up yesterday, I thought it would be a good idea to throw some form of nerdy mod up here on ModBlog.  Of course I could have done the easy thing and found an image from the geek tattoo gallery, but I thought I should dig for something that is even geekier.  Sure enough, it didn’t take me too long to find something that I think probably falls into the realm of nerd.  Now the appeal of Dragon-Con is that it is the most “fan friendly” convention around.  People are encouraged to dress up at all times, and the parties can last all weekend long.  Think APP’s convention but with a little more spandex, and almost as many people dressed as Slave Leia.  Dragon-Con also caters to every form of nerd/geek/dork/whatever on the planet with workshops ranging from “Zombies vs. Unicorns” to “David Bowie: Loving the Alien” to “Hairstyles of the Tang Dynasty” and everything in between.  It’s probably the only place on the planet you’d find Batman sharing costume tips with a steampunk civil war veteran.

I’m sure that of the people that attended, those who are tattooed probably sport something that relates to the object of their passions.  Now when it comes to fans of fantasy, nothing says “fantasy” more than elves.  I’m not talking about the little guys who make cookies, but the kind that roam the woods with their bows and pointed ears.  So what’s an elven fan to do when they really want to transform into one?  Well for starters, they could point their ears.  Now I’m not saying everyone with pointed ears is a fan of fantasy, but it’s safe to say of the devotees to the fantasy genre, those who are inclined to get a major modification done, will probably have their ears pointed.

Thanks to Arseniy, this young lady was able to get her ears sculpted the way she wanted them.  Whether she’s a fan or not, her ears definitely fall into the category of elven.


Now as to how he managed to sculpt her head to remove her face entirely, that’s a story for another day.  Although from what I understand, it was reversed due to some breathing difficulties.