That Whooshing Sound

And finally, dear ModBloggers, let’s conclude our broadcast day with Marcus Boykin (a.k.a The Creature), an Encino-based body piercer and tattoo artist (at In The Pain Tattoo in Echo Park and Youruba Tattoos in East L.A.) and budding sideshow performer with the Venice Beach Freak Show, where he plays the role, fittingly, of “the tattooed man” under the name Dark Harmony Tattoo. Now, obviously, some of his work may be less than ideal compared to a lot of what we feature on here—we can’t really recommend the depth and placement of many of those piercings, for example—so…what’s the deal, then?

Well, imperfect as some of his body modifications may be, what you see here is almost entirely do-it-yourself—not only in terms of piercings, but Marcus estimates that at least 85-percent of his tattoo work was also done by himself. “The mirror was my best friend,” he says. When asked what the hardest parts to get to were, he responds with a litany: “My face, backs of my arms, chest, insides of my legs, neck, torso and sides, feet, head…pretty much everything. Even my eyelids and nose were super hard to do.” That…is not particularly surprising. He’s been piercing himself for eight years and tattooing himself for six, and, ostensibly, has no plans to stop. Body modification can be pleasant when it’s at its most pristine, but for some people, there’s a drive that goes beyond aesthetics, and that certainly seems to be the case here. Whether or not it appeals to you personally, the man has a vision, and he’s sticking to it. It’s pretty damn interesting at the very least. More after the jump.

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Keys to the Future

And here we have René van Assema, hailing from Almere, The Netherlands, and checking in bravely from the dark side of the moon, apparently. And without a space suit or oxygen supply or anything! The difficulty of this sort of photo shoot cannot be overstated. This is literally impossible to accomplish, and yet? Here we are. Ever the modest model, though, René says only, “All you see is tattoo, no make-up or fake colors.” This seemed fairly obvious, until…well, you know where to look.

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Three Thousand Years of Beautiful Tradition

We’ll confess that we have a very hard time saying no to John Goodman tattoos—especially when some enterprising individual (in this case, Vincent Leblanc at Traditional Tattoo in San Luis Obispo, California) decides to combine his legendary performance as Walter Sobchak in The Big Lebowski with a goddamned zombie. Was Walter just not enough of a sociopath in the film that you had to give him an insatiable hunger for delicious brains, too? We approve, of course—Zombie Sobchak can get you a toe by three o’clock with the best of them. You may just have to extract it from his lower intestine.

Bigger and Bigger

Following up on yesterday’s most impressive play piercing session, we’re pleased to show off the latest submission from valued ModBlog contributor Cris Black out of Atlanta, Georgia, who just kicks all kinds of play-piercing ass, all the time.

Here’s a 20-piece chest play project I did on my friend (who wants to be known only as E.). Other than her septum and lobes, she has no other piercings and no tattoos, so I was very happy to have been able to help her with he first foray into play piercing. I was assisted in this project by my new apprentice, Haley, who was also one of the models for the wings play-piercing that has been featured here on ModBlog.

More after the jump? More after the jump.

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Squint on a Million

Well folks, as September draws to a close, so too ends BME’s world-famous Knuckle Month. As we’ve learned, publishing photos of knuckle tattoos brings out the tough customers, so let’s celebrate the commentariat’s vitriol with this offering from Tye, sporting the Queen’s script by Lila Way at True Grit Tattoos in Burlington, Ontario. After the jump, Tye mugs for the camera, just because. So long, Knuckle Month.

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The Hidden Paths That Run

And finally, let’s shut it down for the night with this offering by the Owl God-summoning Anji Marth, who tattooed this while at High Priestess Corvallis in Corvallis, Oregon. In addition to being some of the nicer, more original script we’ve seen in a while, this is also delightfully nerdy and, to top it off, there appears to be a kilt involved. Awesome? Awesome. The tattoo itself is the text of The Road Goes Ever On and On, written by none other than J.R.R. Tolkien and, while it was published in various forms throughout his novels, the one committed to skin up there is from The Hobbit. In case you can’t make it all out:

Roads go ever ever on,
Over rock and under tree,
By caves where never sun has shone,
By streams that never find the sea;
Over snow by winter sown,
And through the merry flowers of June,
Over grass and over stone,
And under mountains of the moon.

Roads go ever ever on
Under cloud and under star,
Yet feet that wandering have gone
Turn at last to home afar.
Eyes that fire and sword have seen
And horror in the halls of stone
Look at last on meadows green
And trees and hills they long have known.

We’ll see you tomorrow, folks.

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A Rising Tide

Hey, would you look at that? Another day, another picture too good for which to not offer an embiggening click-through. This glorious shot is courtesy of Hangman Suspensions (the Hawaii- and Oregon-based one, that is, not to be confused with Pete Sheringham‘s Hanged Man Team in Melbourne, Australia), from their end-of-summer suspension convention held recently at Cape Kiwanda on the Oregon coast. Lovely stuff. And, of course, more, more, more…after the jump.

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IAM Member Missing

Good news! Lavina is accounted for and safe and sound.

We really hate having to relay messages like this, but we’ve received word that Lavina is missing. The details we have are as follows:

- She came up to Los Angeles to get some work done with her boyfriend on Sept. 17.

- She went with her boyfriend to San Diego (where he lives) and stayed with him for a few days.

- After a few days, she left for Albuquerque, New Mexico to meet up with a friend there who none of her friends or family knew. She apparently got there Tuesday, Sept. 22 and made a short phone call to her boyfriend. That was the last anybody has heard from her. The number from which she made the phone call was disconnected the next day.

- She was expected back in West Covina, California, on Thursday, Sept. 24, but nobody there has seen or heard from her.

- She’s 19 years old, about 4’9″ tall and about 115 lbs. She has long, dark brown hair and brown eyes.

- She has several tattoos on both arms, including a large octopus on her stomach, as well as one two-and-a-half-inch inch stretched lobe and a split tongue.

The Albuquerque sheriff’s department phone number is (505) 468-7100‎.

Any help whatsoever is welcome, of course. We’ll keep you all updated.

80 Needles, One Breast

Eighty is a rough estimate, of course, but however many it is, we are thoroughly impressed with this play piercing set featuring Bittra! Working the needles is Dau of Sundbyberg, Sweden’s Pain Division, who was apparently called in for this “spontaneous” session. Resourceful! More shots, including one in glorious full color, after the jump.

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Tattoo Removal: Knuckle Edition

Hoo boy, and here is some tattoo removal for you, gentle readers, just in time for your company-mandated lunching hour. A little grisly, right? This photo, two days after the appointment, comes to us from a client of the Tattoo Laser Removal Clinic in sunny San Diego, California, but removal aside, we can neither confirm nor deny whether the person featured above still does, in fact, love life. We, of course, hope they do. But really, those blisters form mighty quick—after the jump, the first shot is another close-up from day two, and the final shot is from day one, before these suckers puffed right up.


Before we jump across…the jump, though, we figure this is as good a time as any to mention that friend of BME Allen Falkner, who many of you know is also in the tattoo removal business with his company, Fade Fast, has just published an article that we think is worth taking a look at. In it, Allen summarizes and explains the results of a study he recently conducted to “determine how different laser wavelengths interact with particular ink colors, and more specifically, with different brands of tattoo inks.” Give it a read, and if you’re planning on being in Las Vegas this weekend, Allen will be giving a lecture about his findings as well.

**NOTE: Just to clarify, Allen Falkner did not do the removal procedure pictured here.**

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