Father-Son “Tandem” Suspension

Third Eye Perception Suspension (ThirdEyePerception.com) just hosted a touching tandem suspension for their good friend Joey, who has been with the team since their “very rocky start”, and who recently become father to a bouncing baby boy… “Bouncing”, literally, loving bobbing up and down in his jumper, so they wanted to set up a suspension for Joey and his son, combining their overlapping loves of suspension. Third Eye tells me,

“We rigged Joey into a modified face down suspension so that he could see his child and hold him while suspending, and everything went as amazing as could be. It was very emotional, and we all enjoyed seeing Joey lecture his little toddler as to not rushing into getting any tattoos or piercings until he was good and ready. Little Ward smiled the entire time and seemed to thoroughly enjoy himself, as you can see from the other photos, he was smiling the entire time and seemed to really enjoy getting some air while attached to his father.”

“The adorable climax was when after detaching Ward from Joey, he fell right asleep with the most adorable smile on his face.”

Joey (and Ward’s mother as well) both have “straight-world jobs” and are completely dedicated parents who “have given the entirety of themselves into making sure Ward is loved and cared for from the moment he wakes up”, but unsurprisingly they still got feedback on this suspension telling them that it was “child abuse” (among other criticisms). The unfortunate reality is that there have been multiple cases where suspension and body modification interests have played a role in causing people to lose their children, usually in the case of things like this being used as ammunition in bitter divorces by one parent against another. It’s sad for there to be any criticism of something like this suspension, beautiful from the conception, to the realization, to the epilogue.

There are more pictures after the break (and I should add that Joey’s scars on his shoulder blades were done by Pineapple of Shaman Modifications in Austin, Texas). If you have the bandwidth, enjoy the video in fullscreen, as it’s been posted at HD quality.





Katzen’s New Whiskers

My old friend, world famous artist, musician, performer, and tattooist Katzen just had her whiskers cut by scarmaster Pineapple at Shaman (shamanmodificationsatx.com) in Austin, Texas where they both live. I wanted to mention the term I’m using here for scarification artist, “scarmaster”. I’ve seen “scartist” used before, but that’s sort of a joking word that was invented in Internet days, but “scarmaster” is an indigenous term (translated into English of course) that, if memory serves, I picked up from Lars Krutak who has been traveling around the world documenting scarification and other body modifications — I hope to review his book Spiritual Skin: Magical Tattoos and Scarification soon.


Edit/Update: Here’s a nice close-up as well!


Ears of the Nephilim

Presumably to reconnect with her Nephilim heritage, Alessandra Annunaki, whose ancestors moved here generations ago from Nibiru — about 450,000 years ago to be specific — she had a set of incredible pointed ears constructed. She’s got about as extreme a point as is possible and I totally love how it turned out. The work is by Pineapple Tangaroa of Shaman Modifications Tattoo and Body Piercing in Austin, Texas. Other than pushing the fold farther than normal, he says the procedure was pretty standard, with some extra support via Steri-strips (adhesive butterfly sutures).


…and a close-up:


Handing our children the magic

At the start of the summer, while accompanying me to my tattoo appointment, my nine year old daughter tattooed a funny face — the king of the pineapple people perhaps — on my foot with lots of assistance from the artist of course. Some people criticize it, but most (especially other parents) just love it and understand what a warm memory and special moment it makes permanent. I’ve been seeing quite a few similar moments in other people’s lives and it always makes me smile.

This particular image is Patrick Kielty’s daughter tattooing an image hilariously typical of what kids that age seem to draw of their dads — a bird plopping on his head!


I also wanted to include in this post a picture of Ferank Manseed being tattooed by his son. It stands out because Ferank does hand tattooing, so you won’t see a machine in this scene — as Alicia Cardenas commented, “handing our children the magic is our cultural responsibility…”


While some people might question the parent who exposes their child to body modification at a young age, the fact is that with the level of media saturation the subject has, we need to choose between being the ones to educate our children on this subject so dear to our hearts, or allowing the ignorant media empires to do it for us.

You can’t out-monster a little monster

I have such a soft spot for pictures like this (in this case you surely recognize Pineapple Tangaroa of Shaman in Austin, Texas). Anyway, I’m done for tonight since it was a very long day (and while I do love my readers dearly, I’m afraid my family must come first) and I’m really not up to speed on this format… I have a daunting pile of things I want to show you but I’m still learning how to make my fingers move fast enough to make it happen at a reasonable pace.


Team BME in the flesh

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a BME logo scar up on ModBlog.  This particular logo, if you’re not familiar with it, is the Team BME logo, which you can find pretty much all over the site nowadays.

IAM:Pineapple sent this one in, and it looks like it’s about as fresh as possible.  Now it could just be the contrast, but the red of the blood really pops out.


Hopefully Pineapple will be sending in more photos as it heals up, as it looks like it’ll be a really good scar.  One of the great things about BME logos is that they’re more than just a product branding.  While BME is a company, it is also a community, and it is that community that makes BME the place it is.  All of the various logo designs created over the years have all come from within the community, and the Team BME logo itself represents not only a design from a hockey jersey, but all those members of the community that are part of BME4LIFE.  These are people who believe strongly in this community as it has touched them in some manner in their lives.

The community itself is such a wide and diverse group of people, and has been there for the highs and lows of life for many people.  How has the BME community affected your life?  Did someone in the community make an impact in your life?  Were you able to learn something about yourself or how you wish to modify yourself through BME?

Keys to the Church

Can Opener scarification by Brian Decker

You see a cutting like this and it makes you curious about the person wearing it. Are they an alcoholic in the 1920s, or maybe just a big fan of pineapple juice? A bartender, or a no-holds-barred street brawler? A Luddite decrying the newfangled electric pursuits of our modern world, or simpzzzzzzzzz OH, hey, you should probably just ignore me and admire the handiwork of Brooklyn’s favorite son, Brian Decker of Pure Body Arts.