Light Another Candle

The last few times we’ve had Braes on here, it was in the context of his excellent Dave Pozo tattoos. This time, though? That’s all about to change…because he had this one done by Jordi Del Ray at Kie 13 in Barcelona, Spain. Hey, the bell’s ringing, and you know what time it is? Time for sweet-ass old school tattoos.

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The Fish is a Fish

And just like that, David Pozo of Forevermore Tattoo Parlour in Glasgow, Scotland, wins the afternoon! “After the Buttergina’s appearance on ModBlog,” he says, “people seemed to dig the rib piece (seen above), so put it up as well!” We don’t make a habit of humoring threats like this, but we’ll make an exception in this case on account of the unfettered joy a weaponized Sailor Jerry shark gives us. Also, it’s good to know we have someone on whom to rely in the event that Party Shark gets out of hand.

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Get a Better Duty

One of our favorite sets of suspension photos that we’ve come across in the past belong to Nacho, who can be seen here, in all his white-striped glory. Well, good news! Nacho is back, as you can see above, just having a mid-air sit-down, possibly as a posture-healthy alternative to you typical office chair? Either way, he’s in the very capable hands of local sensation La Negra, and under the very capable photographic purview of Martin Del Pozo and his friend, Marco. After the jump, Nacho gets his knees cut down, plus video!

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Gettin’ Soggy

Well, look who it is! The last time we featured the very lovely La Negra, there was lots of talk about breasts, real and fake, and the various societal consequences of such unnatural mammarial extensions. Well, she has clearly just been shedding nipples left and right since then, as evidenced above in this shot by Martin Del Pozo taken backstage after a performance at Club Namunkura in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Do we still cherish her now that she is so painfully regular, with only her God-given nipples in place? Yes. Yes we do.

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Never Bashful

I have to confess, when I hear the term “Buttergina,” I think of something…well, something that isn’t this. But hey, this is indeed a worthy addition to the pantheon of bizarrely explicit tattoos we’ve featured on these hallowed pages. This one was done by David Pozo out of Forevermore Tattoo Parlour in Glasgow, Scotland. “It’s a Buttergina!” the wearer explains, proudly, we assume. “Four hours of misery, really.” But a lifetime of smiles, am I right? Right. Feel free to share your most beloved animal/genital mash-up tattoos in the comments.

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The Great Negra Nipple Debate

Good afternoon, ModBloggers! Hope the day finds you well. Our returning champion, La Negra, checks in with these photos that should either settle a long-running debate or extend it indefinitely—the debate, of course, being one that centers around the question, “Say, don’t La Negra’s various sets of implants look like little boobs?” Well, with the help of some space-age polymers (and surprisingly little macaroni and white glue), she has affixed said implants with what appear to be, y’know, little nipples. You be the judge.

A shot of some breast sewing (involving her real breasts), after the jump.

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Club Namunkura Reopening Party

La Negra sent in a series of photos taken of herself and friends (some of my favorite people — you should recognize Komando, Towa, and others if you’re a long-time reader) at the reopening of Club Namunkura in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Below are Marco, La Negra, Natalia, and Santa Gabriela. Martin Del Pozo was there to take pictures — more continue after the break.

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