Let’s Flail Together

Sweet fancy Moses, can you believe it’s been almost a year since we’ve featured the very lovely Kristina on our fair ModBlog? This is shameful and inexcusable. Here she is, taking a breather in Thailand, possibly, I don’t know, carefully inspecting a map just beyond the border of the image? Hey, why not.

(Tattoos by Matt Cunnington at Westside Tattoo in West End, Brisbane, Australia.)

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Australia Day Festivities

Seriously, if ModBlog has even come close to accurately representing Australia, it seems to me that I picked the wrong hemisphere of Commonwealth countries to be born in… I mean, here’s Australia Day, early afternoon (tinaxo and panties — who I think I’ll post again tomorrow thanks to her sending us a few Wicked Weasel photos)…

Hang around long enough — maybe not that long at all — and it’ll be worth your while… as Pox discovered later that evening.

Anyway, to complete the triad of sexy girls and drinking in the kiddie pool with fighting, I’m going to get back to watching Crank and tonight’s UFC event. More tomorrow…

New Year’s in Newcastle, Australia

It was so hot up here in the Northern hemisphere on New Year’s that we went to the beach as well… I didn’t even realize when I got these photos they were from Tinaxo down in Australia (from the same event as the entry below) — I thought it was a shot up here! I don’t know if that’s a reflection on the reality of global warming or the reality of me being delusional.