Metal Nipples

Here’s a good mod for people who really like the way hard nipples look under a tight t-shirt! These nipple microdermals were done by Matt who pierces at Everything & Nothing ( in Carlisle, Cumbria. I asked Matt about the difference between doing a microdermal on normal skin versus nipple tissue, and he filled me in with his experiences,

I found that the tissue that needed to be removed was stuck fast, and needed to be removed with haemostats rather than gently being wiped away with a swab (as with microdermals on the stomach or arm for example). The only thing I can compare it to is the back of the neck — tough and not a lot of room for moving it around once put in place. Insertion was very simple. I had freehand needles ready to place in at angles to help insertion but they were unnecessary. The jewellery slotted straight in and was perfectly flat the first time. They bled more than anywhere I’ve placed them before but not enough to give me reason to worry — it stopped after two minutes or so.

The customer, a forty-six year old body modification enthusiast from Nottingham had wanted these for a long time, but because of his work on the oil rigs hadn’t been able to get it until now. He described the procedure as painful, but on the other hand, the kind of guy that works the rigs doesn’t have a problem dealing with a little pain! Zoom in for a larger look.

metal nipples

Handpoked Breast and Nipple Tattoos

Grace Neutral, a tattoo artist who specializes in handpoked work and is based in South London (although she travels regularly so don’t let that limit you — find her on Facebook or Tumblr) just did this incredible set of breast/nipple tattoos on Rebecka. Painwise, she tells me that the nipples hurt like crazy, but that it’s likely that doing them handpoked rather than grinding the ink in with a machine probably reduced the pain significantly. Click either picture for a bigger version.



Nipple Graft: New Nipples Anywhere!

I’m always very happy when I get to show the body modification world a new procedure that opens up new aesthetic options. So I am completely thrilled to show you an experimental first attempt at a nipple graft procedure coming out of South Africa’s small but inspired body modification community, done on Estè Kira by Lliezel Ellick and Faranaaz Kannemeyer (with most of the photos being by Lohan Koegelenberg). They learned a lot doing this, and I really want to be fair by mentioning that they’d originally wanted me to wait until they’d done a few more and refined the procedure before I showed it. But I think even this first attempt at creating a new nipple from regular skin is incredible and felt it was worth showing off — and I can’t wait to see their next attempt. Let me begin with a photo of the healed result, and then go on to the procedure in more detail.

Estè tells me that about a year ago, while joking around with a friend, she started thinking about having multiple nipples grafted. She says, “I have always envied people with third nipples, and soon realized that it should be possible to create a nipple from skin. I researched nipple reconstruction procedures, usually used in mastectomy cases, and found a website with some pictures and illustrations of the procedure.”

“My close friend, piercer, fellow performer and body mod artist, Lliezel Ellick, was immediately keen to try this experimental procedure. Together with Faranaz Kamaldien, another Cape Town piercer and scarification artist, we got together one saturday morning. After a bit of brain storming, and me explaining to them how I understood the procedure to be done, we went ahead. A friend of mine filmed the procedure as well. It was by far the most intense experience I have had thus far. The over-the-counter anesthetic was not strong enough, so I felt most of it. Every now and again I had a look and we would discuss the next step. It was very deep with the yellow fatty tissue exposed. I kept the open wound closed for about one and a half months with daily cleaning. I think it was the very intense and long healing and a very hard and physical job that has kept me thus far from continuing with the other three that I have planned, but have some time off in December, and want to do them then.”

In December when they do the next three, giving Estè two rows of three nipples a piece, they will be doing some refinements to the procedure from what they learned doing the first one. To the best of Estè’s knowledge — and I agree with her — this is the first such procedure done in the body modification community. It’s extremely exciting to me, and I think they deserve a lot of credit for opening this door, to say nothing of having done it so successfully.

Below you can see the procedure. In the first picture you can see the skin being peeled up around the centre, and in the second photo the cutting/peeling has been completed. In the third photo the stitching is being done, and in the fourth (first photo of the second row), you can see what it looked like fresh and stitched up. Photo five — satisfaction! And in the last picture (which is just a phone photo), you can see it healing at two weeks into the procedure. The photo we began with above is the healed result. My hat is definitely off to Estè, Lliezel, Faranaaz for doing a wonderful procedure and expanding the body modification palette. Great work!

Where Nipples Go To Die

When Didier Suarez (APP member and former staffer and owner of San Diego’s Enigma Professional Piercing Studio) titled this picture “Nipple removal – 21yr old nipple piercings”, I thought to myself that twenty-one was a little young to be cutting off your nipples — not that I haven’t seen it before — since you can’t have had the time to really have all that much fun with them yet. Then I realized that twenty-one didn’t refer to the age of the nipples, but to the age of the piercings!!!

Way back in 1991, Didier had Elayne Angel at The Gauntlet pierce his nipples, which he’s had ever since, for twenty-one years. Over time he stretched them up to 5/8″, but then after years of wearing smaller jewelry or none at all, he decided to make the transformation back to small nipples. Didier had a piercer friend cut them off for him — not a deep removal, just the piercings (although the jewelry was removed for the procedure) and enough flesh to sustain the jewelry, leaving a wonderfully grotesque artifact — and then a nurse/midwife friend sutured them for him. It was quite painful for the first night, but quite manageable after that.

Here’s a close-up of the sutured result.

You know, I’ve often been told by genital modification aficionados that the end result of piercing, bisection, and other forms of genital body mod is nullification — amputation. That you live first a life of excess, then you become a sort of physical monk, and remove it all. I’m not quite sure if that is true, and I’ve certainly heard as many people horrified by the idea as espousing it, but I do keep seeing evidence that for notable percentage people it has some truth to it.

Why do men have nipples?

There’s an easy answer to that question, they have nipples so they can be removed.

The excellent removal and suturing job was done by none other than the multi-talented Efix Roy from D-Markation in Quebec.  Also, if you happen to be in the Toronto area next week, Efix will be stopping by Exotix Studios to do some with with Six.

Hopefully we get more pictures as this heals up as I know a lot of people out there would be interested in seeing it.

Nipple destruction evolves into nipple piercing project

When I first got into this whole body mod thing, I was always fascinated by Fakir. He was the modification world’s renaissance man. He was involved in almost every facet of body modification and body play and he travelled the world doing so.

If I had to pick one man likely to be remembered as the 21st centuries modification renaissance man it would, without a doubt, be Ron Garza. So when I saw this email submission from Ron, I knew damn well it would be something awesome.

I will let him tell the story on these:

I found these pics recently from a client  from a few years back who  had done alot of heavy nipple training/torture through out  the years  and  just had alot of damage done to the tissue. Since he no longer did the nipple training, he wanted to do something to emphasize his nipples  since he felt the tattoos over powered them. So  we came up with these ideas that show through the tattoo work (he didn’t want the same  on both nipples). He was always  shy about this and didnt want to much attention drawn to them  since he was a suit on his work  time back then. I just  always thought this was  really  fucking cool.

I have to agree, and I hope you guys find these pictures to be really fucking cool as well.


For closeups of these interesting nipple projects, keep on keeping on.



Just In Time For Christmas: Glow in the Dark Nipples

We will admit that, sometimes, we are very simple and easy to please. This is one of those times, and it’s all thanks to one of our long-time and most reliably creative contributors. Take it away!

About 10 years ago, I sent some pictures of self-done nipple-pocketing. In 1999, a picture of my nipple with a cigarette butt stuffed in its stretched hole at the center was selected as a cover image of BME. I also sent pictures of my flame-throwing penis, which was achieved by sending butane gas through a silicone tube inserted into my penis through a urethral reroute. Some of those pictures appeared in the ModCon book. I also had my own bonus gallery that was entitled “Beaded Nipple.” More recently, I’ve done some cool (and funny!) nipple play.

To start with, I created new holes at the center of my nipples—I hadn’t worn any jewelry in them for a long time. Then I stretched them by pressing tools like the stem of a painting brush against the nipples and cutting the tissue in them with a knife until the holes could accommodate beads measuring 6 mm. in diameter. I pushed 6 mm. balls of barbell studs in the nipples and left them in there for three weeks. New skin grew and covered the holes completely, making the size and shape of my nipples just like a woman’s nipples. (I, of course, am a man.) Then, the center holes were pierced again and some nipple play was done, then the holes were stretched again up to 8 mm. and glass beads measuring 8 mm. in diameter were pushed into the nipples. The nipples were pierced horizontally so that the beads in the nipples were skewered together with the nipples. Then, hand-made CBRs that were made out of stainless steel tubes with LED (light emitting diode) chips fitted in them were inserted in the horizontal holes to illuminate the beads from inside.

See more in Custom Jewelry Gallery (Culture)

The Great Negra Nipple Debate

Good afternoon, ModBloggers! Hope the day finds you well. Our returning champion, La Negra, checks in with these photos that should either settle a long-running debate or extend it indefinitely—the debate, of course, being one that centers around the question, “Say, don’t La Negra’s various sets of implants look like little boobs?” Well, with the help of some space-age polymers (and surprisingly little macaroni and white glue), she has affixed said implants with what appear to be, y’know, little nipples. You be the judge.

A shot of some breast sewing (involving her real breasts), after the jump.

(Sewing and makeup by Matias Tafel. Photos by Martin Del Pozo.)

My Nipple’s Exploding With Delight!

Have you ever woken up in the morning, looked through bleary eyes* at your reflection in the mirror and been overwhelmed by the desire to:

a) Do something new and exciting with your nipple piercing.
b) Make lots of loud fizzing/popping/banging noises to annoy the neighbours who kept you up until 3am playing the same drum and bass track over and over again at top volume.
c) Play with flames.

I know I have!

Bern reflected on this for a while and came up with a fine way to start the day/enact revenge, he combined a), b) and c), to make, erm, c)a)b) this…

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* – Sometimes caffeine just doesn’t do the job.

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