BMEtv – Astronautalis

The BME Tour group met up with Seattle based musician Astronautalis while he was touring in Australia. While not the most heavily tattooed musician out there, it seems that Astronautalis has a plan for his collection of tiny tattoos. Check out the interview.

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Still Beautiful

You may have noticed that this day has been chock full of BMEBoys and Girls, and with good reason.  They’ve all submitted pics in the past week.  For the most part, the pictures that are posted on ModBlog come directly from the BME Galleries, which means it’s up to you, the readers, to send in the photos that you want to see.  Uploading photos to BME is really easy too.  Just log in to your BME account, go to your profile page, click on “Media“, and then click on Add New: Photos on the right side of the screen.  From there you just upload your photos.  Of course you can also upload videos and stories as well.  And that’s it.  Once the photos go through the queue they’re up on BME for everyone to see, and from there can be posted on ModBlog.  You don’t even need a paid subscription to send in photos, just sign up for a free account to be able to send them in.

Now, all that said, I’d like you to meet StillyoungStillbrainless. She sent in this photo of herself, taken by Shelby Hale.  With all the attractive people posted today, you can easily see why I saved her for last: she’s a beautiful girl, in a beautiful photo.

What a great way to end an already great day.

Never Say Never

When I started piercing, I would often make definitive  statements such as “that will NEVER heal” referring to certain piercings or tattoos. Like the lady who had a cbr pierced right in her forehead that I met at a tattoo convention. It wanted to stick out, so she had glued the bead of it to her forehead with super glue………….The next year, I saw her and holy monkey turds Batman it had healed perfectly!

I have seen countless examples of ridiculous things heal since then, so now I tend to use phrases like “that has ALMOST no chance of healing”, because I have seen the “impossible” prove to be possible many, many times now.

When I first posted this tattoo last June, lot’s of commenters said it would NEVER heal. Well here it is,  several months later and while it has faded a bit, I would still consider it a huge success as far as palm tattoos go.


The Friday Follow-up (Monday Edition)

Well, unfortunately due to some technical difficulties, I wasn’t able to get the Friday Follow-up posted on Friday.  But just because I had some computer troubles, doesn’t mean I’m going to let a week go by without posting a follow-up.

You may remember this week’s piece from a few months ago in an article entitled “Two by two, hands of blue“.  Quentin from Kalima Emporium in the UK did this branding piece over the heavy blackwork that IAM: Paingiver has on his hand.


Want to see how it looks a few months later?  Keep on reading.

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What are girls made of?

Sugar and spice and everything nice?  That might apply to some girls, but definitely not every girl.

These hand tattoos show that while these girls may be made of sugar skulls, and they certainly have a bit of spice in them, I doubt they’d be up for having a tea party with the other nice girls.

sugar skulls

Jason Chappel sent in these sugar skull hand tattoos over the weekend, and with the Day of the Dead a little over a month away, it’s always good to plan ahead.  There are a few closeup images of each hand individually over in the hand tattoo gallery, if you feel like getting a closer look.

Of course not everyone celebrates the Day of the Dead, but a large portion of people in North America do celebrate Halloween which comes a couple days beforehand.  Which begs the question, do you have any plans made for either day yet?  Got your costume picked out?

Buried in your black heart

I was thinking about saving this post for this week’s Friday Follow-up, but it’s such a great series of pics that I just couldn’t wait to share them.

Copy sent in this photo of his hand implant procedure back in May.  The artist is Mike Knight from Velvet Grip Family, in Hollywood, CA.


The rest of the photos of the procedure can be seen in the 3D-art implant gallery.  The question of course arises, well what does it look like healed?

Thankfully Copy sent in a fully healed picture last week to share with everyone.  Keep on reading to check it out.

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Co-ordinating Colours

Do these shoes go with this purse?  Does this shirt match these jeans?  We’ve all been privy to some form of this exchange at some point in our lives.  We may have asked a question similar, or been asked it, and if neither of those, we’ve probably overheard someone ask some variation of these questions.  The fact is, the vast majority of people tend to consciously control their external appearance to a degree that they deem is aesthetically pleasing to themselves (or at least to the people they intend to appear in front of).

Sure we can laugh at people who go ridiculous lengths to “look their best”, I’m sure most people who watch Jersey Shore snicker when The Situation talks about his GTL routine, and his before-club rituals.  Yet when you think about it, going to excessive lengths to control your outward appearance is exactly what we do all the time.  Piercings, tattoos, scars, etc, are all just our versions of the Jersey Shore appearance regimes.

Take a look at these knuckle tattoos uploaded recently by OhRubie..


On their own they look great, I’m personally a big fan that the apostrophe was included, but seeing that she’s painted her nails to match the colouring in the lettering really makes the entire piece stand out.

So have you ever done anything similar?  Co-ordinate something you’re wearing with your mods?  Maybe not with make-up, but with clothing or accessories, like changing your plug colours to match your outfit, or buying a specific colour pair of shoes to match the tattoos on your legs.

How has this guy not been blogged before?

Really, when I came across Dr. Greenthumb’s (literally) green thumb, it blew my mind that this guy hasn’t been on modblog, much less,  not all over the intranet.

His tattoo fits him well, being that he is an amateur herpetologist as well as a Cypress Hill fan. It also helps to gives him one of the most legit IAM names ever.

I  had to ask the obvious, yet obnoxious, question we are all way too familiar with; “Did that hurt?” to which he responded:

It was a rather painful area to get tattooed. Especially around the cuticle is not pleasant. As of now I have only gotten the color to stay on top with a few blotches on the pad. I am determined to continue tattooing it until it is solid all the way around, then I’m going to tattoo roots and go from there.


For a close up shot of Dr. Greenthumb’s green thumb, keep on keeping on.

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