Boys and their toys..

If the hair on the first guy strikes a chord with you, that’s because it’s Anarkhos and he’s been featured before (albeit slightly less horizontal on that occasion), and before!

And if the animals grazing on the next chap ring a bell it’s because they’re wallabies. Which are not toys, especially not for children as they’ve been known to contain small parts and may pose a choking risk..

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It’s true.. We rock!

Dahlia (top right) and Wes.

With the photo above in mind I wanted to share a comment that was left on ModBlog a month or two back – I wasn’t really sure whether I should (or could) post it, but I think it says a lot about the wonderful people that are involved in or are positively affected by body modification and those who appreciate the support from others in (and on the sidelines of) the community..

I stumbled into this website by accident and have spent the last three hours reading posts and viewing photos. If I was forced to put a label on myself I old say that I am a cowboy; and not the weekend wingnut type with a new hat and $700.00 Ostrich boots. The reason I mention this is that while I am certainly not naive, I have never see anything like this website before and I was both fascinated and impressed with some of the things done by the participants. I had my tongue pierced several years ago as a gift to my wife and my friends shit a pickup! I have been listening to “fag” remarks for so long they don’t eve register anymore. As far as they are concerned, piercing my tongue is comparable to Willie Nelson wearing a tutu at his next concert. Fuck ‘em, I’m keeping it!

Anyway, the reason I bothered to post this in the first place is that I wanted to tell all of you that you kick ass. I am impressed with the fact (unlike most all of the assholes in this world) you are all supportive of one another regardless of body shape, size, color, height and weight. I hope to meet many of you in my next life; until then, keep it up and thanks for restoring some of my faith in the human race.“

It should also remind you that before you comment on a tattoo, piercing or chosen modification to think about the person’s feelings. Constructive criticism/personal tastes are fine but one thing I’ve noticed and is probably unavoidable as ModBlog is wide open, is that there seem to be a few people who just come here to be nasty (with alarming regularity), that’s not what ModBlog is for and it’s time it ended!

So there, see. You can put your vomit bag away now, just remember to empty it first.