Never Sleep

“I’m a programmer,” says Exciteableboy, he of the above knuckle tattoos, “it’s what I am.” Oh yeah? Well, I LOVE PIES, but you don’t see me bragging about it.

…Oh, who am I kidding? I brag about it all the time. Go forth, good sir.

Actually, let’s open it up to the floor: Favorite knuckle tattoos of all time, whether you’ve actually seen them or just had wonderful dreams about them. Let’s hear ‘em in the comments.

(Tattoos by Slim at Studio City Tattoo in Studio City, California.)

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Nothing Shall Turn Me

My my, how cultured we are this evening! First Dali, and now this poem by Edgar Allen Poe, “From Childhood’s Hour,” as worn by SeamlessKameleon. I think in big text pieces like this, the letters should either be identical or look like neat, natural writing; this falls nicely in the latter category for me.

(Tattoo by Cherri at Lovedog in Santa Cruz, California.)

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A Fist Like This

Let’s wrap up the day with Absinthe‘s new stomach tattoo, done by John Walsh at Tattoo Zone in Southampton, England. Is it a My Ruin reference, perhaps? A general statement about where he stands in society? Or something far more sinister? Chew on that. (Or wait and see what he has to say, I guess.)

Enjoy the evening, ModBloggers. We’ll see you tomorrow.

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Why We’re Here

Well hey, it’s Brianna, looking fancy, showing off the ol’ “Nerd Life” inner arm tattoos! There’s a lot to like about Brianna’s work, not the least of which is her nice, colorful BME Calm logo. What’s that, you can’t see it? Well…best look after the jump.

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Body Count

“Yeah,” says Seth, “I’m that guy.” When reached for comment, Ice-T stared at the floor silently for over a minute before standing, walking slowly over to the nearest wall and delivering a devastating left cross right through the plaster.

(Tattoo by Mike Diamond at Sacred Diamond in Des Moines, Iowa. Photo by Michael Watson.)

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My Mouth’s Shooting Blanks

And to close out this fine Monday, here we have Sam showing off his chestpiece, which comprises Bayside lyrics, American Steel‘s eighth note and a handsome set of wings to round it all out, done by Vinz Nadeau at Quebec City’s Anim Ink. Take care, ModBloggers, and we’ll see you tomorrow.

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