Naughty In My Sight

Ahoy-hoy, ModBloggers! Let’s roll out today with this damn-near perfect hand grenade cutting by our favorite intergalactic scalpel-wielding space creature, Anders “Alienboy” Allinger at Flesh Impressions in Broadbeach, Gold Coast, Australia. Is the wearer a soldier, perhaps? An anarchist, maybe? Or, more sinister than anything, a Green Day fan?

And holy holy, it’s Friday, folks. Feel free to bottle up and explode.

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A Blue One and a Yellow One

Hello, ModBloggers! Let’s start the day off with this skin removal piece by Paulo Vitor, hanging out at Caos Body Art in sunny old Barra Bonita, Brazil, and, apparently, cheating at every game of Tic Tac Toe he possibly can. (More evidence after the jump.) Now, I’m not saying we need to question the integrity of body modification artists—not at all. Maybe just don’t turn your back on one during a game of strategy.

Welcome back, folks—we’ve got till noon, here comes the moon.

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Pin Hope On This Promise

Good day, fair ModBloggers! Hope the weekend finds you all well. Before you celebrate your country by blowing up a small part of it this evening, take a look at this intense stomach flesh-removal piece on Travis by Dan Marshall while guest-spotting at Studio 13 in Bowmanville, Ontario. After the jump, a few more shots of the procedure (including one a few weeks into the healing process).

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Bring Forth the Fruit

As a person in the documentation and truthiness business, it’s always a source of great joy when a person diligently records the progress of his or her body modification work. Today’s hero? Vyky! Up above is a nicely healed 18-month-old sternum-area skin-removal by good ol’ whatshisname, Ryan Ouellette from Precision Body Arts in scenic Nashua, New Hampshire (though this piece was done at Scar Wars III in Philadelphia). After the jump, check out some photos from earlier on in the healing process.

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Face Peel Update: The Revengening

As part of our continuing mission to bring you the best in healed and healing scarification pieces, here’s a fancy update to this facial flesh-removal on Reece by Iestyn a little while back. It’s no big surprise coming from Iestyn, but the healing seems to be coming along quite nicely. We’re not sure what else Reece has planned (tattooing over the scars a la Lucky Diamond Rich, for example), but we’re definitely curious to see how his appearance progresses from here on out.

And, of course, after the jump…lion-face.

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Human Marvels

Last time we saw The Enigma, he had just gotten some wild skin removal scarification, with John Durante having cut out big X’s around his eyes. He also had a ton of facial piercings covering the lower half of his face. And, well…Durante took care of those, too, apparently. I’m looking very forward to the inevitable commenters who’ll remark that they hope Enigma knows he’s never going to find a job looking like this.

A close-up healing shot of these new scars, after the jump.

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Be Aggressive

Anders, who’s been featured on ModBlog several million times, checks in with these very nicely executed swallow scarifications. I say it often, but watching the vast, constant improvements in scarification is one of the great joys of being so immersed in this community. I think many of us were probably too young to witness the same sort of growth in the tattoo community, but scarification seems like the next frontier in a lot of ways.

A few more procedural shots, after the jump.

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Reece Gets His Face Peeled

I have to admit, for a split second when I saw these shots of Reece’s facial cuttings by Iestyn, my thought was, “When did Lucky Diamond Rich stretch his nostrils?!” The full-facial black tattoo is pretty high on the list of radical transformations a person can undergo, but when it’s well executed (as it certainly is in this case), the result is really wonderful, I think, and I’m very curious to see how these healed scars add to Reece’s appearance! Some procedural shots after the jump.

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Not Without My BFG 9000

This murderous, ravenous hell demon was brought into the world by local sorcerer Brandon Vermillion of Fillmore Tattoo in Fillmore, California. Vermillion, as you may remember, was the centerpiece of this hilarious shitstorm, so I guess we can surmise that, at the very least, he has not gone blind in one eye, thereby allowing him to summon this wretched beast, with a scalpel.