So, when we got this photo from Matthias, something seemed a little fishy, a little off. Were his lobes fake? No, no. The white background brightened a bit too much? Nah. And that’s when we realized…tricky bastard Photoshopped urine in place of beer in that gigantic mug. April Fools! Really though, get off the Internet right now before that goddamn Internet worm finds you and molests the shit out of your computers.

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All Obvious Confections

How’s Saturday treating you, ModBlog? It’s a gorgeous day over in these parts—just about time to start breaking out some summery treats like Sara’s got up there, I think. Thank goodness she had the foresight to not wear a shirt, though. Those stains are a bitch to get out.

(Photo by Justin Tipton.)

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Unborn Burlap

OK, you know what? Not fair. This just isn’t fair. “Chinchilla and cupcake parties are the shit,” she says, knowing full well what she’s doing. You don’t just combine a pretty girl with nice tattoos, an adorable animal and a delicious cupcake and not expect to get featured on ModBlog! Dirty pool. What the hell is a “chinchilla and cupcake party,” anyway? Aside from a blatant appeal to my Internet sensibilities, of course. More shameless pandering, after the jump.

(Tattoos by Nickhole Arcade at Living Dead Tattoo in Las Vegas, Nevada.)

This Week in BME

It’s been a big week, ModBlog: Sit down and have you some BME cake. I’m sure the lady in the plaid, whose birthday it is, and who got a silicone triangle implant in her chest at Happy Family Body Art in Torino, Italy, won’t mind at all.

And that’s the week, folks. So what were the barnburners this time around?

A hobo got dragged around by a puffy little dog.

Miss Duveaux got the diamond she’s always wanted.

Coming soon to a diabetic near you: Glucose-monitoring tattoo ink!

A really wonderful interview with Diego in Distortion (Diego Olavarría), a former BME Scholarship winner, and a tremendously bright fellow all around.

This is just one hell of a nice sleeve.

Have we mentioned that the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts convention is coming up soon? As in, next weekend? And that you should all go? Have we mentioned that yet?

La Negra wins.

Fuck you, penguin! (No, really: Fuck you, penguin.)

And there we have it, ladies and gents. Check back in over the weekend for some more goodies, and then we’ll be back at full-speed, as usual, on Monday morning. Be safe, ModBlog, don’t forget to cheer for Mickey Rourke on Sunday, and, as always, thank you for your continued support of BME.

“Hang Out With Your Daikon Out!”

Oh hey, here is some sexy fun-time! Renowned produce aficionado, Mateo (top right), is up to his old tricks using vegetables and such for reasons other than God intended (adorning sacrifices). This time, he is hanging out with people are going to be his roommates soon, apparently! Convenient that they all enjoy covering their sinful bits with veggies. Another shot of Mateo and a strategically placed gourd, after the jump.

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Brain Freeze

I know this photo is supposed to elicit some sort of reaction from me, but what? Sure, it’s the mouth of a woman, with many piercings, eating a creamsicle of some sort, but I feel like I’m missing some sort of vital subtext that is preventing me from enjoyOH IT LOOKS LIKE A BLOW JOB. Now I get it.

(From Boet in Poland.)

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