Two minutes later they were making out.

There’s probably no point in watermarking this photo (just Google BME), but I do love his expression..

Yeah thanks, I only came in to steal your wireless. WTF did you do to me?!

Yo, just take my hand and everything will be ok. Then we can lip-lock.

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Freehand nipple scalpelling from 0mm to 10mm by Raldymods Tribe.

Week in the news: 5/25 – 5/31/08

How *not* to use ear cleaning solution!

Sometimes it goes the other way: my father likes to show off his nipple rings, I love her but I don’t love her tattoos and a boyfriend’s piercings stick a fork in romance.

“Appearances matter” says the author of In NBA playoffs, less ink means more viewers (submitted by xPurexFuckingxGonzox and MrNoModifications). A different point of view can be found here.

A handful of statistics and personal opinions in the article about ‘body art stigma’ in workplace.

Economy leaves mark on tattoos and tattoos of presidential candidates ( more… )

Thanks to elissamay for submitting an article about voluntary amputees and BIID (you can also read a BME interview with ‘One Hand Jason’)

Philly chefs’ tattoos tell tales.

Our “roots” with a modern twist: Show us your tattoos, sailor.

To end it on an international (and “slightly” older) note, here’s a short but interesting article submitted by MrNoModifications: Members of believed-to-be-extinct Metyktire tribe show up in ‘civilized’ world, sporting huge lip plates (in German); more in English

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