Worst case scenario

The often quoted Murphy’s Law says something along the lines of “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong”.  When it comes to modifications, we always hope that nothing will go wrong with anything we get.  Now I’m not talking about the procedure, more along the lines of what can happen down the road.  You could be getting dressed for work when you suddenly snag a microdermal and tear it.  You could be riding a bike down a moutainside when you fall and scrape up your arm so badly it ruins one of your tattoos.

In the case of Nikita IAM: 9sbg-av4372071, he got into a fight a little while ago and ended up tearing open his medusa stretching project.  If he looks familiar to you, that’s because he was the young man who attempted the single point elbow suspension that ended in a nasty tear.


Here’s how it looked last year when he had it up to 24mm.  There are other images of it in the lip plate gallery.


Prior to the fight Nikita’s had stretched his medusa all the way up to 27mm.  If you head over to his IAM page, you can see pictures of how it looked before he lost it.

Hopefully Nikita continues to upload images of how he’s fixing it to the lip disc reversal gallery.  And let’s hope he manages to go a long time before anything else traumatic happens to him or any of his modifications.

Accentuating Beauty

Occasionally I’ll get a message from someone requesting their image be posted about on ModBlog, but every once in a while I’ll get a note from someone requesting someone else’s photos be posted.  Well, thanks to IAM: MoseZ, he was able to point out a couple of pictures in the galleries that I had skipped over.

IAM: Jay-Z has sent in quite a few images over the past couple of months, and each one is better than the last.  This first image appeared in the galleries back in June, and it gives us a sneak peek at this beautiful woman.


What MoseZ pointed out, and what I agree with completely, is that her mods really accentuate her beauty. Aesthetically the piercings and tattoos seem like a natural extension of herself.  So while she may have been attractive before getting tattooed and pierced, it seems like adding the mods is like putting the rest of the pieces back into place.  An unfinished puzzle that needed completion.  But of course, beauty is subjective.  The things one person may see as attractive, another person may see as ugly.  It all depends on our own personal perspectives in life to determine what we find pleasing to the eye.  You may not agree with MoseZ and I in that her modifications accentuate what she already had, but what I think we can all agree on is that the piercings and tattoos are very well done, and she is comfortable with how she looks.  Which is really the most important factor in all this.  Sure people pass judgments on others all the time based on their appearance, but what matters most is how we feel about ourselves, and doing what we feel is important to our bodies to attain the external vision that we wish to project.

What do you think?  Do modifications accentuate what is already there, or are they just a natural extension of a person, to be seen as part of the whole?  Or do you think something else?

I’ve added a couple more images after the break which should give you an idea of how the rest of her looks.



Just at a glance I can see both stretched lobes and large gauge cartilage, large labret, medusa, septum and notstrils, and of course the facial tattoos.  The man responsible for the medusa is IAM: Bhaileon aka Cheyne Truitt.

To be

The title for this entry was the caption arkangel666 used with this photo. She looks a little sad to me but maybe she’s just contemplating life. No artist credit given for any of the mods however I think it’s worth just sitting back and appreciating the view in this case.

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Say, don’t I know you?

This photo was submitted to BME by IndecisiveWeirdo out of Sydney. She reminds me of an actress but I can’t quite figure out who and it’s driving me crazy. Fortunately, I don’t have far to go to get there!

Over the weekend I’ve added about 600 new photos to the BME galleries and 50+ videos. Go check them out! Remember, you can sign up for a profile that will allow you to view even more photos for free.

Venezuela in my sights

I love photography.  I especially love photographs of people.  One thing I would never do is edit someone else’s photography to make it fit my version of aesthetically pleasing.  As a photographer (albeit merely a hobbyist), I would be angry if someone edited or cropped one of my photos and I think it’s rude to alter photos submitted to BME, beyond the watermark we add, so finding photos that grab me, as is, is always wonderful.  The photos that I post are, for the most part, ones that are sent to me in a file of photo submissions to choose from and include any information that was also sent in when the person submitted them to BME.  Sadly, that often doesn’t include full credit to the artist or even give the name of the person submitting it but I include whatever information there is every time. I know in a previous post I was brought to task for not crediting an artist but if it’s not included in the submission, I have no way of knowing. So, dear reader, if you’re submitting photos to BME, please when possible, include all of that information because inquiring minds want to know (and it’s nice to give credit where credit is due)!

When I saw the following photo, which was submitted to the scalpelled lip section of BME, I knew I had to post it.  The only name I see as a credit is xemaxtomax and I can’t quite tell if that’s who submitted it, or who gets the credit for the scalpelled lip.  Either way, Venezuela is looking mighty lovely.


The symmetry of these piercings is really quite beautiful.  There’s another great shot of this handsome boy after the jump.


How much for a picture?

At first when I saw this photo, the tourist posing with photographs from super heroes on Hollywood Blvd popped into my head. Luckily enough for us though this is just one kick ass couple that met through BME. I love the juxtaposition of his heavily modified face and her perfectly plain skin. Gnomoweb and his bride to be are yet another couple from Brasil. 🙂


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Chouk does it right

Stretched lobes, check. Stretched Medusa, check, Stretched upper ear punch, Stretched Lowbrets (?) Check. What else am I missing?? Look closely and if you don’t see it, check the tags for a clue!



Click through for another photo.. Piercings by Indy of Ritual Piercing in Brussels, Belgium.

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Tattoos by Alexandre Wuillot of La Main Bleue in Mons, Belgium.

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Power Beyond Imagination

You know what the grand irony here is? That lip tattoo is almost 900 years old. True story. Now, I’m not saying Technodeamon is definitely a Highlander, but…Technodeamon is definitely a Highlander. That said, immortal or not, the turquoise-shirt-and-zebra-tie ensemble is sure as hell doing it for me. Fresh, indeed.

It’s already Thursday, ModBloggers! Time flies when you’re looking at BattleDongs. But hey, we’ve both been very brave.

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