The Actors of the Past

Good day, folks! We should have an exciting announcement (that some of you may already be aware of) a bit later on, but let’s kick things off this week with this cutting work by the one, the only, The Absolute (more from Iestyn). What you see cut into Alice‘s arm up there is a Vajra, which, as the infallible Wikipedia explains, is a weapon “that has the symbolic nature of a diamond (it can cut any substance but not be cut itself) and that of the thunderbolt (irresistible force).” Indiana Jones will be by to battle you shortly, Alice.

Older and Better

Greetings, ModBloggers! Let’s begin our Wednesday smorgasbord with this shot of “Mr. Lees Boat,” if that is his real name, featuring some brand new circular facial scarification work by the great Iestyn (lots more). As always, we’ll be very curious to see how these suckers heal, but between his jewelry and new scars, ’tis a fine theme emerging.

(Cutting by Iestyn at Diamond Jack’s in London, England.)

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Face Peel Update: The Revengening

As part of our continuing mission to bring you the best in healed and healing scarification pieces, here’s a fancy update to this facial flesh-removal on Reece by Iestyn a little while back. It’s no big surprise coming from Iestyn, but the healing seems to be coming along quite nicely. We’re not sure what else Reece has planned (tattooing over the scars a la Lucky Diamond Rich, for example), but we’re definitely curious to see how his appearance progresses from here on out.

And, of course, after the jump…lion-face.

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Moments of Comfort

What is the measure of a man? Is it the fine luxury automobile he drives? Perhaps the house he owns? Or maybe the children who carry on his legacy? Well…considering I don’t have a car, a house or kids, I’m gonna say it’s the heartiness of your beard. And by that logic, Alice is the goddamn manliest man I’ve ever seen. Another shot of her imperial bristles, after the jump.

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Reece Gets His Face Peeled

I have to admit, for a split second when I saw these shots of Reece’s facial cuttings by Iestyn, my thought was, “When did Lucky Diamond Rich stretch his nostrils?!” The full-facial black tattoo is pretty high on the list of radical transformations a person can undergo, but when it’s well executed (as it certainly is in this case), the result is really wonderful, I think, and I’m very curious to see how these healed scars add to Reece’s appearance! Some procedural shots after the jump.

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Holy Holy Holy

Fellas, I don’t know about you, but just looking at these photos of Sean’s swollen member four days after receiving some genital beads really “makes my penis hurt,” if you know what I mean.

Sean, of course, is no stranger to extreme bruising. Says the man himself of his genital beading: “It looks like it has been shut in a car door.” That’s about right. The shot above is four days after the initial procedure; for the grislier two-day-post-implant shot, take a peek past the jump. If you dare.

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We Respond Before We Know How to Speak the Language

I admit it, alright? If I go more than a few days without posting a gorgeous cutting by Iestyn of Diamond Jacks Tattoo and Piercing in London (MORE), I can’t sleep. I get the cold sweats. It’s a bad scene. So believe me when I say, this is as much for me as it is for you.

And with that, we bid another day adieu. Sleep well, ModBlog.

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Moscow Convention Photos

Golddust and Bodom Skater took these photos of one of the Psycho Cyborgs (Iestyn) who performed at the recent 2008 Moscow Tattoo and Bodyart Festival. I think it’s my favorite star tattoo yet!

Speaking of the tattoo expo, there were quite a few IAM and ModBlog regulars there, including Inna, Pj_Evl and Duff (remember her controversial interview?) in the photo below as well as (in the photos on the right, L-R) Tan0k and Petya, some folks from the suspension show, and Diktatura. All of these portraits are by Bodom Skater.

Golddust also snapped these shots of a really great facial tattoo that seemed to be getting quite a lot of attention.